Ice Cube Says Kanye West Has 'Learned A Lot' Since Antisemitic Comments

Ice Cube Says Kanye West Has 'Learned A Lot' Since Antisemitic Comments

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By Afouda Bamidele on July 20, 2023 at 5:00 PM EDT

Ice Cube believes Kanye West has come a long since his controversial anti-Semitic comments.

The "Straight Outta Compton" rapper disclosed the information during a recent conversation regarding cancel culture and its effects on superstars being honest about specific issues. The update comes after the "Gold Digger" hitmaker assumed a lowkey profile amid getting called out and losing multiple income streams due to his vile remarks.

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Ice Cube Has Assured Fans Of Kanye West's Well-Being In New Interview

At the height of Ye's erratic behavior, he had made a statement that implicated Cube in his antisemitism. At the time, The Blast noted that during a long-deleted episode of his controversial Drink Champs" podcast, the three-time Montville Music Video Awards recipient had shared:

"Cube's really set me up for this. You've really influenced me to get on this antisemite vibe. I'm here to finish the job."

Since the rapper did not explain how his pal influenced him, their friendship deteriorated. However, the pair seemingly restored their bond, with Cube shedding some light on what could be happening behind the scenes following Ye's heavy criticism for his actions.

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The insight was shared during his appearance on Piers Morgan's "Uncensored" talk show, with the English journalist beginning, "The last rapper I interviewed in this studio was Ye, Kanye West. You've had a woshakyelationship with him; you're back on track. I read that you saw him a few days ago."

In response, the "Straight Outta Compton" star admitted that they had seen "a couple of weeks ago," adding:

"I mean, we were always cool. He spoke my name without really explaining what he meant, and I couldn't leave that statement out there. He never explained what he meant, so I had to rebut that, but since then, we've talked, and I think Ye understands that generalizing will always get you in more hot water than being very specific." 

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When asked by the broadcaster how the Donda founder was doing, Cube attested to his belief that "he's doing great" and "in a good space," even though he is still fighting for access to his money. After claiming that the former husband of Kim Kardashian has "learned a lot from this past year," the "Boyz n the Hood" actor expressed hope that his friend will "come out better on the other side."

Furthermore, the "You Can Do It" artist addressed his feelings about Ye's antisemitic outbursts, saying, "I felt that if he was distraught with specific people, that the message he was saying would hijack what he was upset about. That's kind of what happened. You can't just generalize; you must be specific, especially when talking about anybody, any race or people."

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Ye Has Concluded The Restoration Of His Late Mother's House

Kanye West heads to a meeting in Sherman Oaks after church

Last month, The Blast reported that Ye had wrapped up the renovation of his childhood home, which he began earlier this year. The rapper's goal in undertaking the massive project was in two parts — to honor his mother, Donda, who died from heart disease following plastic surgery in 2007, and to preserve the legacy and memories of his upbringing.

From all evidence, the 46-year-old's goal has been achieved, starting from the home's gate, which bears the initials "DH," short for "Donda's House." The makeover of the 1,600 square feet Chicago property includes a pair of wooden staircases at the main entrance and the back end, a new roof, and surveillance cameras on either side.

The building also features three bedrooms, one bathroom, several tree stumps painted in red, yellow, and green Jamaican colors, and an American flag with the text "Long exterior" attached to a back window. 

Fans are ecstatic that Ye actualized his dream, considering some plans to shut down the property due to concerns about it becoming a haven for drug addicts. As it turned out, reports of littering and suspicious activity around the house had caused local officials to consider closing it.  

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The American Music Awards recipient's initial attempt to purchase the house through his Donda's House charity to turn it into a community arts "incubator" for at-risk youths was opposed by authorities because it was abandoned. Luckily, Ye and his team eventually got permits, allowing them to give it the facelift it now has.

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