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Mike Tyson Opens Up About How 'Things Have To Change' Due To Fatherhood

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By Afouda Bamidele on July 17, 2023 at 5:00 PM EDT

Mike Tyson opens up about fatherhood's profound impact on his life.

From his iconic boxing career to undeniable charisma, he has always been known for his larger-than-life persona. However, recognizing the responsibility and love that comes with raising children, he expressed the need for change, not only in his own life but in the world around him. 

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Mike Tyson Gets Candid About The Transformative Power Of Fatherhood 

The boxing legend was joined by his daughter Milan as he graced the red carpet at the 2023 ESPY Awards in Hollywood. In a candid conversation with ET's Nischelle Turner, the 57-year-old playfully admitted that the 14-year-old was star-struck by many athletes, except for him.

With a chuckle, Tyson shared, "She seems to think so many other people are cooler than me." When asked if his children influenced him and changed his life, the star responded, "Hey, it's about that time." "I have a daughter. I can't be who I used to be, you know?" Things have to change."

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With a contagious smile, "The Hangover" actor could not hide his happiness as he posed for pictures with Milan, basking in the spotlight together. Transitioning from his ferocious reputation inside the ring to the serene character he embodies in his personal life, his multifaceted persona shines through.

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Mike Tyson and his daughter Milan at The 2023 ESPY Awards
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Despite stepping away from the professional ring years ago, he has remained active, a testament to his enduring passion for the sport. Amidst his active lifestyle, Tyson has devoted himself to raising his six children — Mikey Lorna, Rayna, Amir, Miguel, Milan, and Morocco.

While some of his children have displayed exceptional athleticism, others have found their passions in different career paths. 

Mikey Lorna was born to Kimberly Scarborough, and although their relationship was brief and they never married, the doting father has remained closely connected to his oldest child. Although she is mostly staying out of the public eye, the 33-year-old occasionally provides glimpses into her life through her Instagram page. 

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On the other hand, Rayna, the first child from his second marriage to Monica Turner, shares a similar inclination towards privacy and does not maintain any public social media profiles. Since graduating in film from New York University, much of her focus has been pursuing a career in the movie industry. 

Meanwhile, Amir, the author's second and final child with Turner, has demonstrated exceptional dedication to his entrepreneurial pursuits, establishing his own clothing business. The 25-year-old also graduated from American University in Washington, D.C., earning a degree in broadcast journalism.

From his relationship with Sol Xochitl, Tyson has two children: a son, Miguel, and a daughter, Exodus. The 21-year-old has shown a keen interest in music, displaying his talent across multiple instruments. He has also dedicated his time to volunteering abroad for charitable causes.

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Mike Tyson Opens Up About How 'Things Have To Change' Due To Fatherhood
Instagram | Mike Tyson

Following the tragic passing of his daughter Exodus, the "Liger" star found love and solace in Lakiha' Kiki' Spicer. Together, they have two children named Milan and Morocco. The 14-year-old has shown a remarkable passion for sports, especially professional tennis. At the same time, her younger brother shares Milan's passion for sports and displays a remarkable talent for various disciplines.  

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The 'Iron Ambition' Author Showed Signs Of Health Decline 

Last year, the signs of aging were evident for the boxing legend when fans and press members caught a glimpse of the TV personality as he emerged from a car. He reportedly slowly made his way into the hotel where he was staying while heavily limping and relying on a walking stick for support. 

As concerns arose, sources close to him quickly reassured the public, noting that the "Law and Order: SVU" guest star had no severe injuries or health issues. They explained, "He's dealing with a sciatica flare-up. Nothing serious. Just an occupational hazard for an athlete like Mike."

Given the many years he dedicated to boxing, using a cane was a reasonable and believable precautionary measure. The news was no doubt a relief for his fans, seeing as Tyson had predicted his own death right before that. 

In a moment of vulnerability on an episode of the "Hotboxin" podcast, he disclosed that after spotting "those little spots on my face," he interpreted them as a sign of his impending mortality. The father-of-seven reflected further, "Wow. That means my expiration date is coming close, really soon."

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