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Sarah Cooper Shares Memoir Cover On Instagram: 'This Book Has Everything'

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By Taylor Hodgkins on July 14, 2023 at 1:30 PM EDT

Fans will soon have the opportunity to know Sarah Cooper beyond her famous Donald Trump lipsyncs. The comedian is set to release her memoir this fall!

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Cooper, 45, rose to fame during the Trump administration for lipsynching along to the 45th President of the United States.

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Former US President Donald J Trump speaks at the Faith
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The actress also went to Netflix with the special "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine" in 2020.

Trump may be out of office, but that doesn't mean Cooper has retired. She regularly posts on TikTok and talks to her Instagram followers via reels!

Cooper is gearing up to let fans know who she is with the release of her new memoir, "Foolish." The "Beauty Shop" actress shared the announcement on her Instagram last week!

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Cooper Detailed New Memoir 'Foolish' On Instagram

Cooper, an actress who had worked at Google before achieving viral fame, shared the book's announcement on her Instagram in January.

The comedian previously told The New York Times how the viral Trump lipsynching videos impacted her life. The outlet also reported Cooper had begun impersonating Trump three years ago in the thick of the pandemic to cope.

"Those videos changed my life," she said.

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The opportunity to write and release a memoir undoubtedly would do the same.

In her initial Instagram announcement, Cooper revealed the title and release date for the book. The book is "FOOLISH: Tales Of Assimilation, Determination, and Humiliation" and will be released on October 3rd.

The story of Cooper's life will undoubtedly include so much more than insight into her viral lipsynching fame. She would also express her feelings about the part of her identity that will possibly forever be linked to the former President.

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"Right [after her first video], I was terrified of being known as the 'Trump Girl,' and I wanted to distance myself from it," Cooper told the New York Times. "But I meet people who just come up to me, and they just go, 'You made me laugh when it was so hard to laugh.' It just made me appreciate it a lot more. Those videos helped so many people, and they also helped me," she continued. "So I'm thankful for it now, even though if I die right now, my obituary would have the name Donald Trump in it, which is not great, but what are you going to do?" she joked.

Cooper Shares The Memoir's Cover!

On Wednesday, Cooper took to Instagram again to share the latest development with "FOOLISH: Tales Of Assimilation, Determination, and Humiliation." The comedian debuted the memoir's cover!

In the caption, she shared details and thanked key players on the book's road to publication.

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She wrote, "Excited doesn’t even describe how I feel to share the cover of my debut memoir FOOLISH: Tales of Assimilation, Determination, and Humiliation. So much gratitude for everything that went into this cover, photographer @celestesloman stylist @madisonguest, the amazing team @duttonbooks, my editor @jillschwartzman, my literary agent @sraihofer, and of course Jerry Seinfeld for this quote he gave me after reading the chapter I wrote about working with him on his upcoming film, Unfrosted, which was MORE than a dream come true. This book has everything; it is about growing up and finding my voice after learning to lip-synch in church as a child and hen lip-synching the President and everything that happened after; it's about dad issues and power, and dare I say it is funny (and embarrassing) as f**k. Thank you to @amyschumer @michellebuteau and @jimgaffigan for their generous quotes ? I CANNOT WAITT for you all to read it! Pre-order now at the link in my bio :-)))."

Famous friends Phoebe Robinson and Amy Schumer commented on their excitement in the comment section!

Robinson commented "???" and Schumer wrote, "Wow"

"FOOLISH: Tales of Assimilation, Determination, and Humiliation" will be released on October 3rd!

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