Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Put Their Rumored Spilt Aside For Kids At Disneyland

Tori Spelling Is Allegedly Staying At A $100-A-Night Motel With Her Kids Amid Dean McDermott Divorce Rumors

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By Favour Adegoke on July 11, 2023 at 2:30 PM EDT

Tori Spelling was recently spotted leaving a $100 motel with her five children shortly after her husband, Dean McDermott, publicly announced their divorce. Spelling appeared solemn in the photos but physically fit, wearing a cropped T-shirt.

Their living situation has been difficult since May, when Spelling revealed they were forced to leave their home due to a persistent mold problem.

According to a recent report, McDermott feels his efforts are never enough for Spelling, leading to his contemplation of a permanent separation. However, Spelling's mother, Candy Spelling, has expressed unwavering support for her daughter during this challenging time.

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Tori Spelling Spotted At Motel With Her Five Kids

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott and their kids at 'Jumanji: The Next Level' World Premiere

According to the Daily Mail, over the weekend, Tori Spelling was spotted departing a budget-friendly motel with her five children, all of whom are believed to be staying with her. This occurrence comes just weeks after Dean McDermott, her 56-year-old husband of 18 years, publicly declared their divorce, only to delete the statement later.

On Saturday, the former "90210" actress checked into a motel located in the Los Angeles area, opting for a no-frills accommodation amid the current strains in her marital relationship.

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In images obtained by the news outlet, Spelling was seen leaving the motel, which reportedly costs $100 per night, painting a striking contrast to her luxurious upbringing in one of LA's most opulent mansions - The Manor, situated in the upscale Holmby Park neighborhood as the daughter of late television mogul Aaron Spelling.

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Tori Spelling Reveals She Has A Persistent Mold Problem

Tori Spelling and family at Nights of the Jack Friends and Family Night 2019

In the photos, Spelling stood outside the roadside hotel, her expression heavy with sadness. Her five children, Liam, 16; Stella, 15; Hattie, 11; Finn, 10; and Beau, 6, were by her side.

Despite the difficult circumstances, the reality star appeared remarkably fit, revealing her sculpted abs in a cropped black T-shirt paired with navy blue trousers and baby blue and white Nike Dunk Low sneakers. A beaded necklace adorned her neck, and she carried a beige tote bag. Her signature blonde tresses cascaded down her back, parted in the middle, while her makeup was kept to a minimum with glossy lips.

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Spelling and her children have been enduring a challenging living situation since May when she bravely shared that they had been forced to leave their residence because of a persistent mold issue, which she described as a silent threat that was "slowly killing us for three years.

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'Nothing He Does Will Ever Be Good Enough For Her' 

Dean McDermot celebrates birthday with Tori Spelling and kids

Just weeks ago, a report by Daily Mail shed light on McDermott's mounting frustration with Spelling. After 18 years of accommodating her "demands," McDermott appears to be contemplating a permanent departure from their marriage. Close friends have disclosed that "nothing he ever does will be good enough for her [Spelling]."

A trusted confidant, who is close to the couple, shared with the outlet that McDermott has undergone significant personal growth and made sincere efforts to fulfill his role as a husband in a way that would bring Spelling happiness. However, he feels sad about the absence of reciprocal efforts on her part.

The insider stated to Daily Mail, "Dean has changed and worked very hard to be the husband she needed him to be but she is still demanding and entitled. Nothing he does or has done will ever be good enough for her."

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Candy Spelling Shows Support For Her Daughter

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott at WE tv's Real Love: Relationship Reality TV's Past, Present & Future event

Amid her separation, Spellings' mom, Candy Spelling, remains unwavering in her support for her daughter. In a recent encounter with TMZ on July 8, the "Stories From Candyland" author shared a few concise yet heartfelt remarks regarding her daughter's situation.

According to the 77-year-old, her daughter is thriving despite the circumstances. "She's doing great," Candy affirmed. "I love my daughter and I support her in whatever she does."

When asked about the nature of the couple's separation and whether it was a positive step, Candy reiterated her unwavering stance. "I support my daughter," she simply restated.

Candy also confirmed that her support extended beyond emotional encouragement, expressing her willingness to provide financial assistance if needed. "Of course, I will always be there for her," she said.

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