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Shaq Reacts To Being Snubbed Off Lakers List: 'Whyyyyyyyyyy'

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By Melanie VanDerveer on July 8, 2023 at 9:00 PM EDT

When Los Angeles Lakers governor Jeanie Buss compiled a list of who she feels are the top Lakers players in franchise history, one particular player was shocked to be left off the list.

Shaquille O'Neal had a simple one-word response to not seeing his name on the list, and many of his fans backed him up on that thought.

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Shaquille O'Neal Wants To Know "Whyyyyyyy" He Was Left Off The List!

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O'Neal - Instagram

Shock! Pure shock! You can see it in his face in the Instagram snap he shared on the topic of being snubbed from the list.

O'Neal shared his one-word response to being snubbed on Instagram, "whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy."

Buss' list consists of, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, and Phil Jackson, in that order, with O'Neal nowhere to be found!

According to the New York Post, the list is from a 2021 interview on the "All the Smoke" podcast with Matt Barnes and Steven Jackson. The two hosts asked Buss to list the five Lakers players she felt were the most important in franchise history.

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The comment section of O'Neal's post was pretty much unanimous that he was wrongfully left off the list, but there were some looming debates as well. Many shared their feelings about James being on the list over O'Neal.

"Shaq is missing???? Use me as the DISAGREE Button===>," one person wrote. People took his request seriously by liking his comment nearly 12,000 times.

The comment section had a lot of people agreeing that James shouldn't have been on the list over O'Neal.

One fan wrote, "In no universe is Bron ahead of Shaq as a Laker ??‍♂️," and another agreed saying, "Putting lebron over Shaq is a crime!"

Some were heated over the fact that Jackson was on the list because Buss was in a relationship with him at one time.

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"Wasn’t she smashing Phil? That one don’t count," one person wrote. "All due respect, but she really put Phil over The Diesel?! ??," wrote another.

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Talking About The Past...

Shaquille O’Neal at Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Party

While we are reminiscing about NBA's past, O'Neal recently shared a side-by-side photo of him and Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid captioned, "I like these conversations. give me your thoughts. You already kno mine."

The question being posed, "Let's be honest Joel Embiid would lock up and contain a Prime Shaq."

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More than 44,000 thoughts filled the comment section.

"Hell nah!!! Who smoked what to make this kind of blasphemous comment?!?!#Respectfully???," one fan wrote. Another added, "Shaq would Average about 50ppg 20 rpg in a 7 game series against Embid! Lets stop disrespecting Diesel!!!"

One NBA fan shared, "Whoever said that doesn’t know basketball." And another follower added, "NOBODY in the HISTORY of the NBA could lock up prime Shaq! Too BIG Too STRONG!"

One fan jokingly, or maybe seriously, wrote, "A Prime Chuck Norris couldn’t contain Shaq…"

"Good match. But statement out of bounds. Shaq has an argument of number 1 player of all time. Depending on the day," wrote another.

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