Jason Momoa gets body shamed for beer belly

Jason Momoa Gets Body Shamed And It's Just Too Much For The Fans!

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By Rima Pundir on July 7, 2023 at 3:30 PM EDT

Jason Momoa just wrapped up the shoot for his new series, "Chief of War" and took to Instagram to celebrate.

Coincidentally, he was also celebrating the first 4th of July of his alcohol brand, Meili Vodka, and sporting a slightly stouter frame than usual, something that made his "fans" sit up and take note...

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First, Jason Momoa Asked To Check His "History"

Jason Momoa asked to check his Hawaiian "history!"
Instagram | Jason Momoa

Momoa seemed in a peppy mood as he took to Instagram to post a medley of videos and photos, captioning them, "Happy 4th please be safe. excited to wrap with our Hawaiian crew CHIEF OF WAR it’s @meilivodka first 4th celebrate with us in Hawaii see u tonight all my aloha j"

Momoa is one of the few people in Hollywood who makes sure to include his Hawaiian heritage wherever he can, and this is something his fans also appreciate a lot.

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Even so, when he wished his fans a happy 4th of July, explaining how they were now having a wrap party with the cast and crew of "Chief of War" and celebrating Meili Vodka as well, some of his Instagram followers took offense because 4th of July is not a Hawaiian holiday! Of course, Momoa was the least bothered as they went ahead and had an epic party anyways, but there were plenty of culture critics trying to bring him down...

While some felt that the 4th of July did not make sense for Hawaiian people, others went for a more direct attack!

"Happy 4th and Hawaiian crew doesn’t go together. Learn your history, Momoa. You need the money so you cater to the masses instead of your people and ancestors that suffered."

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Of course, there were plenty of fans to shut the haters down: "It’s good that the Hawaiian people have you to tell them what their monolithic values and identities should be! Speaking of suffering that’s a nice bible verse on your profile, do you think your ancestors found that book by themselves, or did the colonizers happen to force Christianity upon them...? I forget."

Meanwhile, Momoa had one awesome party!

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People Call A Shirtless Jason Momoa "Bloated"

Jason Momoa body shamed, leaving fans horrified
Instagram | Jason Momoa

In the social media post, the "Aquaman" star is shirtless, wearing a pair of board shorts low on the hop, with a cap and all that glorious hair tied up.

His Instagram followers began to rumble he seemed to have gained a little weight around the midsection as comments began to flow in:

"Uce getting a beer belly"

"My bro went from Aquaman to Bloated Man."

"At this point can’t tell if he has a beer belly or he has a beer belly jacked."

More such comments followed with many feeling his "alcohol" intake could be the reason behind his less-than-sculpted abs, promoting one fan to shut the haters down, writing, "Some of you don't know the difference between soft relaxed muscle mass and a hardcore trained, starved, dehydrated Hollywood body. He is FIT and STRONG. Let the man live and enjoy his time off!"

Meanwhile, others seemed to have a problem with him "hawking alcohol", trashing the star, writing, "Ethanol is the leading cause of domestic violence and pretty much all other accidents. Worst substance for humans. Why Hawk it? Well, duh! $$$$$"

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Momoa meanwhile kept his cool and did his thing, even as he got a shoutout from fellow Hawaiian, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who showed his excitement about Momoa's upcoming series, "Congrats uso on the wrap! Can’t wait to watch it."

Till then, Momoa is "On The Roam!"

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Fans Talk About Unreasonable Beauty Standards

Jason Momoa sparks unreasonable beauty standards debtate on IG
Instagram | Jason Momoa

While many Instagram users commented on how he looked bloated, only to be told off by others who felt Momoa could never look wrong, some people got to the crux of the matter and wondered why anyone needed to comment over his body shape, weight, muscle, or lack of.

Wrote one, "My goodness the number of people who feel the need to comment on other people's bodies is mind-blowing."

Another felt, "We should use the same comparison on women too :) Social media especially has set unrealistic expectations of insanely shredded individuals and it’s crazy."

True that!

Here's Momoa, just being a "harbinger of joy!"

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