Brad Pitt looks youthful during commerical shoot in France

Brad Pitt Is Becoming A Real-Life Benjamin Button, Looking Younger Than Ever

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By Rima Pundir on July 3, 2023 at 6:30 PM EDT

The nasty rumors and blame game between exes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continue, but it seems Pitt is finally taking his health into his hands, and the results are visible.

The Oscar winner was recently spotted at a shoot in France and seems to be radiating youth, much like his character, Benjamin Button!

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Brad Pitt Makes 59 Look Like 40!

Brad Pitt seems to be getting younger by the day

The "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" star is making fans wonder at his beauty secrets given that he is making 59 look like the new 40. It looked like he had taken a page out of his movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" where the character has a Hollywoodized form of progeria, as in reverse aging. Given that the star is looking more youthful with age, what's his secret?

Pitt was pictured wearing a white shirt with tan pants as he filmed a commercial at a vineyard in the Var region of the French Riviera. The actor looked hot and youthful, and fans wondered if it was the wine or the coffee that was making him look so young given that he's the face of the Italian kitchenware brand that specializes in coffeemakers, De'Longhi.

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He also seemed to sport the same spiky hair we remember from his stint in "Ocean's Eleven" and frankly, it looks like he walked off this 2001 movie set, did some time travel, and is here with us now, at least on Twitter!

Have a look!

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Fans were quick to add in their thoughts:

"Looking younger here like he's 40-something years old!"

"Forever young."

Others felt the youthful look might have been the result of Botox, or a facelift. Most of his fans don't care; all they want is another movie!

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Brad Pitt Is All Over De'Longhi's Instagram As Well

Brad Pitt looks much younger in recent commercial shoot

While the man has also gotten into the booze business with the launch of his gin brand, Gardener, Pitt has been tapped as the face of De'Longhi and even shot a campaign for the Perfetto brand of coffee makers as he seems to spend time with his "family" and dog.

Here's the campaign, which one fan commented on, saying, "was going to buy one because Brad Pitt is cool! Then I saw the price and realized that I’m not that cool ? !!!"

Here's the cool Pitt looking like a hot cup of Joe. Pun intended!

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Others also chimed in:

"Ok. I got a Delonghi espresso machine. Now, how do I meet Brad Pitt?"

"..nailed the perfect endorser...Mr. Perfect Himself"

"I’ll be real, this campaign worked on me"

The sales of the De'Longhi coffee machine may soon be going up it seems, even as exes Jolie and Pitt keep throwing veiled daggers at each other. While Jolie is perpetually seen with their six shared children, Pitt is rumored to be in a relationship with jewelry designer, the VP of brand Anita Ko, Ines De Ramon, earlier married to actor Paul Wesley.

Is it love that's adding charm to his face and making him younger at heart as well as in body? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, fans are loving the De'Longhi face...

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Foraying Into Booze After Sobriety?

Brad Pitt forays into new alcohol brand

Pitt also recently launched a new alcohol brand, The Gardener Gin, and fellow booze-maker Emma Watson could not resist a little comment, writing, "Welcome from Chablis Brad! Do you also have an annoying younger brother who’s obsessed with niche beverages?" She also tagged her younger brother Alex, and he replied, "First rule of French gin club is: you DO tell everyone about French gin club."

Given that Pitt is not on social media, fans missed seeing this witty exchange carry on. What surprised fans the most was Pitt launching an alcohol brand after he claimed years of being sober, given that alcohol was literally listed as a cause behind his marriage with Jolie breaking down. Jolie and Pitt have long been at loggerheads over their co-owned wine, Miraval, with Pitt accusing her of selling her share to interfere in his business.

Either way, now there's some gin from Brad, so cheers to that!

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