Jaden Smith says mom Jada Pinkett introduced family to psychedelics

Jada Pinkett Smith Responds After Jaden Smith's Psychedelic Drug Reveal

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By Rima Pundir on July 4, 2023 at 3:00 PM EDT

Jada Pinkett Smith and her family remain in the spotlight for all the strange reasons. Recently, 24-year-old Jaden Smith (Jada and Will Smith's older child) spoke at the Psychedelic Science conference admitting that his mom introduced the family to psychedelic drugs and praised her for the move. Meanwhile, Jada feels "Worthy" because...

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Jada Pinkett Smith Takes Back Her Narrative

Jada Pinkett Smith reveals upccoming memoir, "Worthy"
Instagram | Jada Pinkett Smith

After Jada struggled with alopecia and was mocked by comedians like Chris Rock, Will Smith finally stood up for his wife and created the most infamous pop culture moment when he slapped Rock at the Oscars in 2022. Since then, everything the 51-year-old has ever done, including stepping out of her marriage, has been scrutinized by fans and trolls alike.

Now, it seems Jada wants to take the narrative back and speak for herself and her actions, given that she's just written a tell-all book, "Worthy."

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In an Instagram post, she wrote, "On October 17th, I invite you into a journey that, understandably, many think they already know. The fact that I have, in the last four years, contributed to the creation and perpetuation of falsehoods about myself, in which other untrue narratives were birthed, has surely aided in the misunderstandings that surround me. This fall, with deep humility and respect, I will take back my narrative."

Here's Jada telling us more...

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Jaden Smith Reveals Mom Jada Pinkett Introduced Family To Psychedelics

Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Willow Smith and Jaden Smith

Speaking at the Psychedelic Science conference in Denver, Colorado, model and actor Jaden Smith, known for his role in the remake of the movie "The Karate Kid," told the audience, "I think it was my mom. That was the first one to make that step for the family."

Of course, Jada made no secret of her use, speaking in a November 2021 episode of "Red Table Talk" that she hosted with her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, and daughter Willow Smith, "I struggled with depression for so long. And the thing about the plant medicine is it helps you feel better but also solves the problems of how you got there in the first place."

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She also cautioned people that psychedelic drugs should be best taken under supervision, warning the audience, "You have to really wanna do it; this is not for play. You have to be willing to confront some hard stuff. It is very healing, and it has changed my life."

Jaden continued, "It was just her for a long time, and then eventually, it just trickled and evolved, and everybody found it in their ways." He attributes his use of psychedelics, banned in most of the US, as having bettered his relationships with Willow, 22, and his half-brother, Trey, 30.

Said Jaden, "Siblings can argue so much and fight so much, and lord knows me and my siblings have done so much of that in the past. But the level of love and empathy I can feel for them inside and outside of the [psychedelic] experiences and outside of the experiences has been profound and beautiful."

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Jada Pinkett Smith Will Talk About Marriage & Motherhood In Her Book

Jada Pinkett Smith is releasing a memoir, "Worthy"

While Jada has made no statement about Jaden's remarks, the fact that they do psychedelics is no state secret. Only Colorado and Oregon have partially legalized a few, like mushrooms.

Meanwhile, the "Girl's Trip" actress is pretty excited about her book. She plans to start at the very beginning of her memoir when it comes to her memoir, further writing how it will be an "objective and revealing account [of] my challenging upbringing in Baltimore into a controversial life in Hollywood. It's a harrowing ride of reclaiming my self-worth while unraveling unspoken truths."

Her book discusses the "adventures of my youth, meaningful friendships, marriage, motherhood, self-betrayal, and self-reclamation." Through it all, Jada hopes that through her life and various "tumultuous situations," everyone is reminded that "no matter where we may be on our journey, we are all…Worthy."

Hear, hear!

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