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Andy Cohen Thanks Fans For Defending Him Amid Viral Nipple-Play Video From NYC Pride Party

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By Favour Adegoke on June 29, 2023 at 3:00 PM EDT

Andy Cohen is thankful for his fans' support after a video went viral of him playing with a man's nipple. The controversial video of Cohen was secretly recorded at a gay club where he was celebrating New York City Pride. 

Fans and critics defended the TV personality and said recording him was a violation of his privacy and that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing in the video clip.

Read on to find out more. 

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Andy Cohen Thanks Fans For Their Support Amid Viral Nipple Video

Andy Cohen is seen at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in Los Angeles, California.

Andy Cohen recently thanked his fans on Twitter for their support of him after his recent nipple play controversy. The TV host was secretly recorded playing with a shirtless man's nipple during an outing for NYC pride. The video was soon uploaded to social media and quickly went viral because of the sexual nature of the content. 

After the video spread, fans heavily criticized the videographer who took it, saying Cohen deserves privacy too. The TV host responded with thanks to one tweet from someone who said they stood by him and applauded him for living his life "to the fullest." He also responded to another tweet that read, "We support Andy."

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The controversial video showed Cohen caressing the nipples of a shirtless man sitting on his lap. It's not clear exactly who the man is to Cohen as he was at a gay club and talking to another man beside him. 

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Fans Defend Andy Cohen On Twitter

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After the video went viral and people began criticizing Cohen for the content, fans and critics quickly came to his defense. Per Page Six, one tweet read, "People shaming Andy Cohen for being gay, in a gay bar, with other gay guys, during gay pride month. Grow up people."

Another user wrote that she really didn't want to defend Cohen, but the recording of his private activities was "lame as f**k." She added that people like the videographer "need jobs or hobbies." 

Another supporter tweeted, "Justice for Andy Cohen!!! Let him do gay sh*t at pride in peace. It's supposed safe space for EVERYONE so whoever put this online is absolute trash." Cohen himself made no personal comments about the video and didn't say anything regarding it during the most recent episode of his talk show. 

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He Recently Chatted With Jennifer Lawrence About An Affair Rumor

Andy Cohen smiling

Cohen featured actress Jennifer Lawrence on the newest episode of his show, "Watch What Happens Live," where they discussed a certain rumor about her. He brought up the age-long speculation that Lawrence had an affair with Liam Hemsworth while they worked on the "Hunger Games" film franchise during his relationship with Miley Cyrus. 

Instead of taking a "plead the fifth" offer, Lawrence said she'd "love to respond" and clear up the rumor. She said, "Not true. Total rumor." However, the actress did reveal that she and Hemsworth had a "kiss one time," but it was off-screen and several years after he and Cyrus ended their relationship. 

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Cohen and Lawrence also addressed the rumor that Cyrus shaded her in the music video for "Flowers." In the video, Cyrus wore a gold dress that fans claimed was too similar to Lawrence's outfit for the "Hunger Games" film premiere. The "Red Sparrow" actress said, "I just assume that was, like, a coincidence."

Andy Cohen Asks Jennifer Lawrence For A Kiss

During their interview, Lawrence and Cohen put on a little steamy session for the "After Show" segment. Cohen revealed that he was "totally into kissing" Lawrence, to which the actress said, "I just feel like you kissed John Mayer, but you never kissed me. He's more your type, I guess."

Cohen responded, "I mean, he is, but I'm attracted to you. I'd love to kiss you consensually." When Lawrence gave her consent, Cohen chuckled before the two eventually kissed, with the audience cheering loudly. 

After the kiss, Cohen laughed heavily and thanked Lawrence for the opportunity. When the "Passengers" actress asked if the kiss did anything for him, the TV host responded, "Yeah! I'm hard as a rock."

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