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Jonathan Majors Has Taken Legal Action Against His 'Drunk And Hysterical' Accuser

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By Kay on June 29, 2023 at 4:00 AM EDT

Jonathan Majors is hitting back at one of his assault victims. He claims SHE was the one who assaulted him, drawing blood and harassing him.

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Jonathan Majors Was Bleeding

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The actor recalls an assault case with a New York accusing going a bit differently, and seeing as she brought the courts into it, he is also choosing to do so. An insider reported that the 33-year-old met with police last week.

The meeting was regarding the March 25 arrest and the June 20 Manhattan Criminal Court case he had just fought. He filed a complaint accusing the woman of being "drunk and hysterical." And it was further alleged that her attack left him in pain and bleeding.

He also claims this was not her first time attacking him and has done so on previous occasions. Majors also has admitted that he was physical with the female in question because she had put herself in a messy situation.

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Jonathan Majors Thinks The Accuser Is Dangerous


PEOPLE reports that an insider has shared that Majors claimed the female is very dangerous via a set of questions answered. "Is the suspect capable of killing you or your children?"; "Is the suspect violently and constantly jealous of you?"; and "Has the physical violence increased in frequency or severity over the past six months?" all of which Majors checked "yes" to.

He is still charged in the case against him, and the judge wants him to continue to comply with the terms set out for him, including the order of protection for the victim ahead of his August 3 trial date.

Majors has more accusations against the female in question, including accusing her of telling his iPhone and spending between $6,000 - $7,000 on his credit card following the incident.

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Majors have proof via his lawyer; he stated, "Within a few weeks of these false allegations, we provided the District Attorney with evidence of Mr. Majors' innocence. Last week, we delivered additional compelling evidence to the District Attorney."

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Jonathan Majors Was Allegedly Helping The Victim

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Majors has also claimed that he never intended to harm the victim if he did as she claims. He was an attempt, ing to help her at a crucial, dangerous time. She allegedly nearly fell into traffic, and he pulled her back to save her from the busy New York streets.

They were riding in a car, and he had to pull her back in. he admitted to grabbing her but only to pull her back in. he claims she then "grabbed for his face, coat, and phone" while the altercation spilled into the streets.

"I was worried she would be hurt by traffic. So I physically picked her up and put her in the car," he goes on to share he was left with a significant cut on his face.

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Jonathan Majors Wants To Be Free

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The actor has hit back at all these accusations with alleged evidence and is essentially asking the judge to cut him loose.

"Following this, we strongly requested the District Attorney dismiss all charges against Mr. Majors immediately... While we hope the District Attorney is reviewing these materials in good faith and will do the right thing soon to accelerate our case, we've requested a trial date ASAP."

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