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Is Lala Kent Willing To Have A Baby With Randall Emmett's, Rival 50 Cent?

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on June 27, 2023 at 2:30 PM EDT

Lala Kent is taking her hate for Randall Emmett to new heights! The blonde beauty recently trolled the filmmaker by hinting at a revenge romance with her ex-fiancé's nemesis, 50 Cent.

The Salt Lake City native became a wildly-popular media personality following her appearance on Bravo's hit reality TV series "Vanderpump Rules." The entertainer's fame increased during her relationship with the co-owner of Emmett/Furla Oasis Films.

Following their rocky separation, the "Give Them Lala" author has shared shocking truths about her romance with the father of her child. Seemingly wanting nothing more to do with the alleged architect of her pain, the influencer attacked the 52-year-old with a cheeky post.

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Lala Kent Shades Ex-fiancé Randall Emmett With Edited Picture Of Herself And 50 Cent

Lala Kent pokes fun at having a child with 50 Cent

Over the weekend, the "Hard Kill" actress updated her Instagram page with an unexpected mash-up with the Hip-hop star. Kent took inspiration from the rapper's popular "Baby by Me" song to diss her former lover.

The "Give Them Lala Beauty" founder shared a stunning picture of herself in a lime green jacket, pairing the fitted ensemble with sheer black fabric underneath and matching black pants. She glammed up the formal attire with a bedazzled silver necklace, statement earrings, multiple rings, and a fierce makeup look.

Flaunting her luscious hair, the 32-year-old styled her shoulder-length tresses into a high ponytail with the ends cascading down one shoulder. The final piece was Kent's daughter, Ocean, who the media personality effortlessly carried in one arm like an accessory.

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By the "Out of Death" actress's side was Emmett's body, donning a white dress shirt underneath a red jacket and black trousers. Although the filmmaker held hands with his former fiancée, he could not be credited in the snap as the Salt Lake City native had edited his face with that of 50 Cent's younger self.

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"Aw," the 32-year-old captioned her not-so-subtle burn, earning over a hundred likes and thousands of fan comments. Many found her saltiness hilarious, while others echoed their support for a possible love story between Kent and the Hip-hop star.

If there were doubts about her post's intentions, the TV personality clarified she was dissing Emmett in her response to a fan's query. "Hahahahahah Lala, what is this?" the individual wondered, to which the blonde beauty replied: "A picture that I love & it popped up in my memories. Could have been un-postable forever had I not fixed it."

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"This would be the best revenge love story of all time," another person declared, while a third chimed, "This is unhinged in the absolute best way." More commenters echoed similar thoughts, with a fourth raving, "The power trio we never saw coming."

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A fellow Kent and 50 Cent shipper penned: "Lmao, I knew you and 50 were a thing!!!!" Relationship goals aside, other social media users addressed the "Baby by Me" song reference. Someone dropped the track's catchy lyrics, writing: "Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire."

For those who did not understand the post, one sweet fan was kind enough to explain. "If y'all don't get it… 50 once said HAVE A BABY BY ME BABY BE A MILLIONAIRE…& she's a f**king QUEEN.. chase not checkers bookies #iconic," the individual penned.

Citing the "In da Club" rapper's beef with Emmett over an alleged $1 million debt, a cheeky person used the Grammy winner's "Money by Monday" quote in their comment. The jester wrote: "Fofty needs his money by Monday, Randall, so he can buy diapers."

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The 'Dragon Warriors' Actress Opened Up About Her Reconciliation With 50 Cent

Before Kent switched teams, the media personality previously joined her ex-fiancé in feuding with the "Many Men" artist. Following the end of the relationship with the filmmaker, the blonde beauty surprisingly found 50 Cent as her shoulder to lean on.

Last October, the mother of one raved about her friendship with the "In Da Club" rapper. During an interview at BravoCon, the 32-year-old was queried about the viral pictures of her visiting the rapper’s “Skill House” movie set.

When asked if they were dating, the entertainer noted the duo were in a platonic relationship. “He reached out and said, ‘Come to set. I’m in Los Angeles,’ ” Kent explained. “Right when I walked in, he showed nothing but love.”

Randall Emmett and Lala Kent at Los Angeles special screening of 'Midnight In The Switchgrass'
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Aside from ending their feud, 50 Cent sympathized with the TV personality, stating she should have listened to his warnings about Emmett. Recalling their conversation, the influencer explained: "He said, ‘You should have listened to me. And I was like, ‘I know,’ and we’re all good."

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