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Nick Cannon Reveals Plans To Pursue Masters Degree In Child Psychology, Better Understand His Kids

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By Favour Adegoke on June 26, 2023 at 7:00 PM EDT

In a podcast interview, comedian and actor Nick Cannon expressed his desire to deepen his understanding of his children, revealing his plans to pursue a master's degree in child psychology and a Ph.D. in divinity.

He discussed the significance of a father's presence and engaged in ongoing conversations about childhood trauma, nature versus nurture, and parenting.

Cannon is the father of 12 children with six different women. While he envisions a united blended family in the future, he respects the wishes of each child's mother and looks forward to their independent decisions.

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Nick Cannon Unveils Plans To Go Back To School

Monroe Cannon, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Moroccan Cannon at the Nickelodeon's 2018 Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals

In a recent podcast interview on the "Language of Love" with Dr. Laura Berman, Nick Cannon, expressed his sincere desire to deepen his understanding of his children. 

According to Insider, Cannon shared his plans to pursue a master's degree in child psychology. Not content with stopping there, he also disclosed his aspiration to pursue a Ph.D. in divinity.

Dr. Berman, acknowledging the value of Cannon's pursuit of education, commended his decision, saying it would "come in handy." Cannon echoed her sentiments, agreeing he is in "that conversation every day."

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Nick Cannon On The Importance Of The 'Presence Of A Father'

Nick Cannon at FOX 2022 Upfront

During his conversation with Dr. Berman, Cannon delved even deeper into the role of a father and the intricate dynamics of childhood experiences.

"Oh, the presence of a father and how much they will need you and the Freudian aspect of reverting to your childhood trauma, or the lack thereof," he stated. "Nature versus nurture. These are conversations I have several times every single day."

Intrigued by his insights, Dr. Berman inquired if he engages in these conversations "with naysayers or with the mamas?"

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Nick Cannon at the FOX Networks 2019 Upfront
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The "Masked Singer" host clarified, "Nah, not naysayers, but I'm like, I'm living, whether in therapy on my own or even just wanting to make sure that every single child has what they need, developmentally. And emotionally. I'm studying the brain and at what point does sensory matter."

Notably, Cannon's commitment to education has been evident since he graduated from Howard University, a historically Black college, in May 2020. Sharing his joy on social media, he said, "I graduated from Howard University today! Received a degree in Criminology/Administration of Justice and a minor in Africana Studies! I had the opportunity to speak at the virtual ceremony; Master's and Ph.D. is next! #HU2020.”

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Nick Cannon's Twelve Children And Their Mothers

Abby De La Rosa and Nick Cannon with family
Instagram | Abby De La Rosa

Cannon has fathered children with six different women. He shares twins Monroe and Moroccan, 12, with ex-wife Mariah Carey. Additionally, Cannon has twins Zion and Zillion and his six-month-old daughter Beautiful Zeppelin, born to Abby De La Rosa.

Brittany Bell is also the mother to three of the "Wild 'N Out" creator's children: Golden Sagon, Powerful Queen, and Rise Messiah. Cannon also has a son Legendary Love with Bre Tiesi, and a daughter Onyx Ice with LaNisha Cole.

Bre Tiesi & Nick Cannon with their son at pumpkin patch
Instagram | Bre Tiesi
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Tragically, in December 2021, Cannon faced an unimaginable loss when his son Zen, whom he shared with Alyssa Scott, passed away five months after battling brain cancer. Cannon and Scott later welcomed their daughter, Halo Marie, who is now six months old.

Despite his large brood, Cannon remains committed to being an actively engaged father, sharing heartwarming videos and photos of him spending quality time with his children on Instagram.

Nick Cannon Plans To Introduce His Children To Each Other

Fans Poke Fun At Nick Cannon After Teasing Another 'Big News'
Instagram | Nick Cannon

During the chat, Cannon also openly discussed his vision for his blended family and the importance of fostering connections between his children.

Curious about his aspirations, Dr. Berman asked, "In your dream world, regardless of whether you're romantically involved or not romantically involved with the mothers, all your children will know each other. All of your children will come together, go on trips together or outings together,"

"They're all Cannons," the father of 12 affirmed, "They'll probably go to the same schools." 

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Bre Tiesi Recalls Moment Nick Cannon Locked Her Down And She 'Ended Up With A Baby'
Instagram | Bre Tiesi

However, Cannon acknowledged that bringing all his children together has its challenges, as he respects that it may not be "everyone's wish" at present. "I think that we'll get there. One of the things I've witnessed from some of my elders in the game, once the children get of age to make their own decisions, it'll happen," he stated, per People magazine.

He continued, "Because they're under their mothers' jurisdiction, I'm trying to play by the moms' rules. But once they can make their own decisions, I hope and pray that we'll have established a strong enough relationship that they'll want to hang out with me."

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