Tory Lanez Denies Comments Revealed By LAPD Detective During Shooting Hearing

Tory Lanez 'Remains Confident' As He Releases New Music From Behind Bars

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on June 19, 2023 at 3:45 PM EDT

Tory Lanez continues to sing tunes of his innocence! The disgraced rapper refuses to accept his guilty verdict in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting case as he tries to keep his music career alive.

The Hip-hop star's life went down the drain in 2020 after the "Hot Girl Summer" songstress revealed the entertainer had shot her in the foot following a dispute. Two years later, the father of one was convicted on felony charges and ended up behind bars.

Despite his incarceration, the Canadian artist remains hopeful as he persistently claims the justice system is rigged against him. In his new home, jail, the 30-year-old recently penned a candid note to his fans, assuring them his life as a musician is far from over.

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Tory Lanez Pens Emotional Letter About Staying Positive As He Promotes New Music

Tory Lanez gives fans update from jail

On Sunday, June 18, the "Broke In A Minute" rapper updated his Instagram page with an open letter about his struggles. The Juno Award winner declared he would not give up the fight for his freedom, noting he was making the best out of his unfortunate time behind bars.

The media personality explained his trust was in God, claiming the Almighty would save him from his hardships. Armed with this belief, the Brampton native stated he was living in "high spirits," writing:

"To my Family, my Friends, and to the Umbrellas worldwide, I want y'all to know I haven't lost my faith in God and that I'm in high spirits. I'm praying for the best and remain confident that God will bring me through this."

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Lanez revealed he was on a journey of healing and self-growth, declaring he would overcome this trial as a far better person than he started. "I have spent the last seven months rehabilitating my mind, body, and soul. Though I came to jail a good person, I will leave as a great person," the 30-year-old claimed.

The father of one appeared confident about his future, announcing he had transformed his confinement into a place of business. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, the Soul Train Music Award nominee radiated positivity.

"I've turned this jail cell into my work office. I will continue the legacy of the Umbrella from here or anywhere else," the Canadian sensation chimed, adding that nothing would negatively impact his zeal to be a "positive light" that helps others.

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Concluding his powerful message, the embattled artist announced his team would drop "new music, merch, and updates" later that night while "Hurt Me," his latest collaboration with fellow rapper Yoko Gold would be released in the early hours of Monday, June 19.

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As promised, the "Jerry Sprunger" singer shared a new song snippet in a second Instagram post. The brief clip captured a stunning caramel-toned woman rocking multiple gold piercings and a necklace.

The beauty, presumably AI-generated, was naked save for the large briefcase obscuring her assets in her arms. In the background, the lyrics of "Hurt Me" could be heard with one of the artists singing:

"Do you not realize that it hurts me? When I see you go out. Cause you have the time of your life only when I'm not around. You know, you don't deserve me. Looking for you in the crowd."

The One Umbrella Founder's Sentencing Has Been Postponed As Prosecutors Fight For A Harsher Sentence

Days earlier, the Brampton native's sentencing was postponed yet again. Since his 2022 conviction, the 30-year-old was supposed to be sentenced in January. However, the entertainer's fate remained uncertain, with several delays.

One of the reasons for the setbacks was Lanez's attempt to gain freedom by hiring new attorneys and filing for a retrial. On June 13, the father of one appeared in a Los Angeles court for what was supposed to be his sentencing hearing, but his defense team won their motion for a continuance.

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Per reports, the presiding judge believed the "Luv" rapper's lawyers deserved sufficient preparation time. Therefore, the Canadian's sentencing hearing was moved to August 7. As the legal umpire stated, the Grammy nominee's attorney needed all the time they could get as the prosecutors were on a witch hunt.

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As Lanez, his legal team, and the public await his sentencing hearing, it was reported that Los Angeles prosecutors are seeking a 13-year prison term for Lanez. In the sentencing memorandum filed on June 6, the legal representatives claimed the rapper deserved nothing less than the mentioned incarceration time because of his actions.

The prosecutors maintained that the shooting was not the only grievous issue, given the entertainer's disgraceful behavior toward Megan after inflicting bodily harm on her. "The defendant actively invited harassment of the victim by spreading misinformation to his large following to galvanize the public against the victim," an excerpt of the court documents read.

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