Dennis Hof's Body Was Discovered by Ron Jeremy: 'I Saw Him Motionless'

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By TheBlast Staff on October 16, 2018 at 5:58 AM EDT

Dennis Hof was discovered unresponsive in bed by his best friend who said he knew something was seriously wrong as soon as he saw the brothel owner lying motionless.

Legendary adult entertainer Ron Jeremy tells The Blast he is a mess after losing one of his best friends. Jeremy attended a campaign rally Monday in Pahrump, NV with Hof for the November election where Hof was running for Nevada State Assembly.

Jeremy says it was a fantastic event, and Hof commented that it was his "Best night in years." Jeremy says people were lined up to meet Hof, and everyone was excited about the opportunity of him to win the election. He says some people were even suggesting that Hof could have a career as a state Senator.

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After the event, Jeremy says the entourage went back to Hof's Love Ranch brothel to hang out and have a few drinks. He stressed that Dennis didn't drink or do drugs, and was merely hanging out basking in the glory of the night.

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Dennis Hoff and Ron Jeremy
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Afterward, Jeremy says Hof went to his private room with a "sexy Latin girl," and Jeremy went to his own room. The next morning, the two were allegedly scheduled to visit a retirement home as part of the campaign and thought it was odd that Hof had not yet woken up.

Jeremy says Dennis was a late sleeper, but he "never missed a gig," so he went Hof's private room to check on him. When he went into the room, Jeremy says Hof was lying motionless in bed with his eyes "half open."

He tried shaking his friend awake, and describes Hof's skin as "cold to the touch," so he yelled for help. Employees from the front office of the brothel rushed in and tried to administer some quick chest compressions before realizing the situation was much worse, so they called 911.

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Moments later, emergency responders rushed to the brothel and declared 72-year-old Hof dead. Officials are currently investigating the cause of death, and Jeremy says he has already spoken with detectives.

Hof's body is currently still at the Love Ranch while the investigation continues.

As for how he wants his best friend to be remembered, Jeremy says, "People didn't really know the real him, he was a teddy bear and such a loyal friend."

The Daily Mail was the first to report that Jeremy discovered Hof's body.

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