Da Brat Off the Hook for Jail Time in Bottle Throwing Lawsuit

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By TheBlast Staff on October 17, 2018 at 11:18 PM EDT

Da Brat is sittin' on top of the world because she just avoided being thrown in the slammer.

According to documents, obtained by The Blast, the judge in Da Brat's ongoing case over the cheerleader she cracked in the head with a bottle just ordered that the rapper is entitled to protection from having to pay up on a $6 million judgment while she's actively in bankruptcy proceedings.

Ex-cheerleader Shayla Stevens and her legal team had previously tried to have the rapper found in contempt of court for not paying up on the millions she owes, and also blowing off a scheduled court date.

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Brat argued that if she was thrown in jail, she couldn't earn money and pay off the debt. Plus, she thought that filing for bankruptcy offered protection from other current debts and active collection efforts.

The judge agreed and ordered that everyone looking to collect off Da Brat back off until her bankruptcy matter is dealt with.

Now, time to start booking those gigs.


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