Disgraced 'VPR' Stars Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss Have Reportedly BROKEN UP After Shocking Affair Scandal

Andy Cohen Admits He Was 'Wrong' For Suggesting Raquel Leviss Was 'Medicated' During 'VPR' Reunion

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By Favour Adegoke on June 16, 2023 at 2:00 PM EDT

Andy Cohen recently stated that he was "wrong" for speculating that Raquel Leviss was "really medicated" during the "Vanderpump Rules" Season 10 reunion, admitting he had no factual basis for his remark.

Cohen also mentioned that he wanted to interview Leviss separately due to concerns about her endurance on set. Leviss's detached demeanor during the reunion perplexed both Cohen and her co-stars, with Scheana Shay describing her as "lights on, no one's home" and Lala Kent comparing her to a robot.

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Andy Cohen Says His 'Really Medicated' Remark Was 'Wrong' 

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Andy Cohen walked back his previous remarks about Raquel Leviss during the "Vanderpump Rules" Season 10 reunion. On his show "Radio Andy," Cohen admitted that he was "wrong" to speculate that Leviss was "really medicated" and lacking emotion during the reunion. He acknowledged that he did not have any factual basis for his statement and expressed remorse for making such assumptions.

Cohen commended Leviss for her resilient response to the relentless criticism she faced from her co-stars regarding her affair with Tom Sandoval, stating, "She took it all on the chin like a champ."

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He acknowledged Leviss' composed demeanor throughout the reunion, despite his doubts about her ability to handle the intense situation, noting, "And she just sat there and took it. I didn't know that she would be able to, which is probably why I hypothesized." Cohen mentioned that this was one of the reasons why he decided to interview her separately from the group.

While reflecting on his experience hosting similar discussions, Cohen confessed, "I did not know how long Raquel would last on set. Given my years of experience in these forums, I would've thought that she would've walked off way sooner and maybe walked into her car never to be seen again."

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Andy Cohen Speaks On Raquel Leviss' Behavior At The Reunion 

Raquel Leviss at Vanderpump Cocktail Garden Grand Opening

During a recent interview with Variety, Cohen expressed his concerns about Leviss' "mental health" leading up to the March 23 reunion taping of "Vanderpump Rules." The 55-year-old network exec admitted that observing Leviss' lack of emotional response during the reunion made him question whether she was "either really medicated or really out of touch with her role in everything."

Cohen specifically pointed out Leviss' odd reaction to Scheana Shay's emotional breakdown over a temporary restraining order that Leviss had filed against her, only to drop it later.

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Leviss, from her trailer, had commented that she should have written Shay a note, which left Cohen perplexed. The show host said, per Page Six, "I found that very confusing. It made me think that maybe there was something she was missing about what these relationships were."

"It made me think that maybe she didn't think they were as real as the other people thought. I didn't understand," he added.

Scheana Shay Describes Raquel Leviss As A Robot

Scheana Shay at the 2022 ACM Awards

Shay, who has consistently denied physically assaulting Leviss upon discovering her affair, also commented on Leviss' detached demeanor during the reunion. Shay described it as a state of being "lights on, no one's home," emphasizing how bizarre it was. She expressed surprise, saying, "I never could have imagined that reaction because the Raquel who I was friends with wasn't that person."

In addition, Lala Kent, who strongly criticized both Leviss and Sandoval during the reunion, compared Leviss to a robotic figure. Following the reunion filming, Leviss decided to seek help at a mental health facility, where she is currently receiving support and treatment.

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Raquel Leviss Shocked Viewers With A New Confession

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In the concluding part of the reunion, which aired recently, Leviss continued to surprise viewers with previously unseen footage from a confessional interview.

Leviss expressed a strong desire to be honest and transparent, stating, "I think it's important to me to tell the truth. I think that I've been lying and being so deceitful this entire time that I don't want to lie anymore and it's all out there anyway. Like, the worst is out, yet I'm still finding myself having to lie about specific timeline things."

The California native openly admitted that she and Sandoval had not been entirely forthcoming about the sequence of events in their secret relationship. Previously, they had claimed that their encounter occurred only once in August 2022 before engaging in an affair after filming concluded a month later.

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Leviss went on to confirm that she and Sandoval hooked up at his home with Madix while she was away for her grandmother's funeral. 

The model said, per Us Weekly, "This is the one story that we've agreed on getting straight. And I know the reason why Tom wanted to lie about it is because it's a really bad look to hook up with someone's boyfriend in their own house when they've gone out of town. Especially for like a funeral of all things."

She added, "So, like, I don't know if this is f**king killed my soul. I am so sick of lying, I hate it. I hate being deceitful. It's horrible."

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