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50 Cent Handles Himself Like a Real OG After Being Confronted by Some Random 'Artist' While on a Date

By TheBlast Staff

50 Cent was trying to enjoy a movie date with "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" star Nikki Nicole when he almost came to blows with a guy who wanted the rap legend to hear his music ... but ended up getting a lesson in marketing instead.

In the video, which starts after the guy first made his pitch, 50 starts to walk away when the guy clearly said something 50 did not like. When 50 turned back around, the guy clearly thought 50 was ready to throw down and immediately got in a fighting stance.

"You gonna hit me cause I’m telling you I got talent?" he can be heard saying. "Is that how you feel? That's f**ked up. Look at my IG, at least."

But 50 didn't actually want to fight the guy, he wanted to mentor him why his approach wasn't good.

"Are you crazy, though?" 50 told the guy. "Your s**t is not gonna work. You are stupid. The way you are approaching it is wrong ... There is nothing to play right now ... There is nothing you can show me right now that is gonna help you."

The guy then tried to explain he was trying to show him his Instagram page, but 50 Cent shot back, "Look at my IG is gonna help you right now?"

It's unclear if the two reached an understanding because the video cut off shortly after.

Our only advice, random guy — don't borrow money from 50 because it never works out well.

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