L.A. Dodgers Closer Kenley Jansen Battles Baby Mama Over Vaccinations While Fighting for World Series Birth

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By TheBlast Staff on October 20, 2018 at 4:12 AM EDT

Los Angeles Dodgers pitching phenom Kenley Jansen is preparing to take the mound in game 7 of the NLCS and help his team secure another ticket to the World Series, but his postseason has also been full of personal battles, as the star has been fighting his ex over the health of their daughter.

Jansen filed emergency legal documents just before October, obtained by The Blast, asking a judge in L.A. to award him legal custody of his 5-year-old daughter, Natalia. Legal custody would not change the actual physical custody between Jansen and his ex, however it would give him ultimate power on issues that effect the child.

The reason for the change, Jansen explains he has been trying to get his daughter fully vaccinated, but alleges his baby mama, Candace Cotton, is a hardcore anti-vaxxer.

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According to Kenleyfornia's declaration, Cotton is "adamantly opposed to Natalia being vaccinated and has sought to avoid their administration by lobbying (her doctor), making unsupported medical claims, and simply dragging her feet."

The vaccination debate has been ongoing for years, and even though states like California have set strict rules on vaccination, people still find loopholes and arguments continue among parents.

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Jansen is clearly worried about his daughter in school, and explains, "First she is well behind in terms of vaccinations for a normal child and is at risk of contracting the numerous dangerous diseases she should be protected against," adding, "And she is now in school, her risk of exposure is greatly increased as well as the risk that she will expose other children to any of these diseases."

The pitcher also says that the lack of vaccines is a danger to his newborn child. "My wife just gave birth to our new child Kyrian, who was born on August 22 and is only 2 weeks old. Given the weak immune system of infants, it is very dangerous for the baby to be exposed to unvaccinated individuals," Jansen argues.

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He also says the move for legal custody is to ensure his daughter can spend as much time possible with her new sibling, fearing that without vaccinations, Natalia, "Will not be able to spend time with me and my family at home .... and she will not be able to interact with and become acquainted with her new baby brother."

Unfortunately, the vaccination argument isn't the only health complication Jansen has faced recently, as he prepares to undergo another heart surgery in the offseason due to his ongoing heart issue.

As for the fight with his baby mama, a judge has not yet ruled on his request for legal custody.

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The closer will have to put all the drama aside as he attempts to close out the series against the Milwaukee Brewers Saturday night for game 7 in the National League Championship Series.

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