'Rehab Addict' Star Nicole Curtis Settles Nasty Custody Battle with Baby Daddy

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By TheBlast Staff on October 24, 2018 at 4:34 AM EDT

"Rehab Addict" star Nicole Curtis has reached a settlement with her baby daddy, bringing an end to his attempt to strip her of custody.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Curtis and Shane Maguire have avoided an upcoming court trial over custody by submitting their deal to the court.

The agreement states the two will now share joint physical and legal custody of their 3-year-old son, Harper.

Curtis and Maguire agreed not to trash talk the other to their son or attempt to alienate the minor child from the other. The deal also says neither side will put their son on medication for longer than 30 days without consent.

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Previously, Maguire expressed that he planned to move to California to be closer to his son but feared if he did, Curtis would pack up and leave the state with their kid. As part of the settlement, they agreed that neither will move and there would be a penalty if either tried to change it.

Nicole Curtis says the deal they worked out was "heavily, heavily negotiated" and involved "substantial compromises."

As part of the deal, she has agreed to create a trust for their son, which she will fund with $250,000. Maguire will then be allowed to use the $250k to purchase a condo within 25 miles of Curtis’ home in Cali.

Maguire is required to pay back the money by their son’s 19th birthday.

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The deal has neither side paying child support, which means Curtis agreed to cut the $1,200 a month she was receiving previously.

Earlier this year, Maguire filed a request for custody in the ongoing custody battle with Nicole Curtis. He claimed Curtis has been “incapable of facilitating” the relationship between Maguire and their son.

Maguire claimed the HGTV star was trying to “ruin their relationship entirely” by making custodial handoffs a “game of cat and mouse.”

Because of her alleged actions, Maguire claimed Curtis was “not a fit and proper person to share legal or physical custody of the minor.”

Curtis denied his allegations and demanded he not be granted his motion to strip her of custody.

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She accused Maguire of resorting to “the heavy-handed and headline-attracting maneuver of seeking a change of legal and physical custody”

Back in 2016, the court entered a final judgment in their case that covered custody, support and other issues.

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