Jennifer Garner's New Boyfriend's Divorce: Ex-Wife Detailed His 'Anger' and 'Control' Issues During Custody Battle

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By TheBlast Staff on October 24, 2018 at 4:05 AM EDT

John Miller — the new man in Jennifer Garner's life — might have anger and control issues, at least according to his ex-wife, who spoke of often going along with his wishes "rather than risk John's anger" during their custody dispute.

Miller was married to a woman named Caroline Campbell from 2005 until their divorce became official in 2017. Miller first filed for divorce in 2011 but the couple reconciled in 2012. They split again for good in 2014.

During their divorce, the couple had issues with their custody arrangement and in 2016, Campbell filed a declaration to try and set an official custody schedule.

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Campbell said that when the couple split for good in 2014, Miller sought 50/50 custody of their two children, Quest and Violet. Coincidentally, Violet is also the name of one of Jennifer Garner's daughters as well.

"John's words and actions," Campbell says, "led me to believe that his insistence on having our children half the time was primarily to avoid having to pay child support and not because he intended to take care of our children himself, something he rarely did."

Ultimately, Campbell says they agreed to the custody arrangement, saying, "Because I wanted to avoid his anger and minimize the impact of the pending divorce on our children, I chose to 'keep the peace' by reluctantly agreeing to equally shared physical custody."

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Campbell, a professional violinist, claims the arrangement fell apart because of "John's imposition of unilateral rules that seriously interfere with and undermine my ability to care for our children."

She then describes "John's control over" her due "in large part to major differences in our personalities."

"Because of these differences," she says, "resolving conflicts in a fair and amicable way has been challenging at best."

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Campbell explains, "To avoid John's anger, for years I usually went along with what he wanted when we disagreed ... we disagree about important custody issues, and I cannot stand up to him. He is a superb and aggressive negotiator and I am not. When we disagree about specific issues, he considers his opinions as controlling decisions, seldom considering compromises I propose."

She concluded the thought by saying, "I believe he feels satisfaction from controlling me and making me pay the price for ending the marriage. To avoid scenes, minimize the stress on the children, and protect their happy home environment, I usually opt to go along rather than risk John's anger."

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Campbell said she had to overcome her "short-term fear of his anger" to file the request for a formal custody arrangement. She said she expected "John to react with a full-blown character attack, false accusations, exaggerations and demeaning insinuations about me. I am accustomed to this when I challenge him."

Ultimately an arrangement was out in place and Miller filed a declaration of his own in September 2017. In it, he took issue with Campbell exercising "make up" time with the kids when she traveled during her scheduled time.

He cited one example where he went without seeing the children for eight days, arguing, "I do not believe it is in the children's best interest to be away from me for such a long period of time."

Miller — the CEO of CaliGroup, which owns and operates an international burger chain called CaliBurger — argued his schedule was flexible because he had the ability to work from home and said his "priority [is] to spend as much time with the children as possible."

The two sides eventually reached an agreement in December 2017.

Jennifer Garner and John Miller have reportedly been dating for the past six months.


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