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Lana Del Rey's Dad, 69 Set To Launch Music Career With First Album

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By Afouda Bamidele on June 12, 2023 at 5:15 PM EDT

Lana Del Rey's dad, Rob Grant, who turns 70 on Friday, 16 June 2023, is basking in the idea of being a 'Nepo Daddy' as he is set to make his mark in the music industry. Known for captivating audiences worldwide with her ethereal voice and unique style, the singer's dad is ready to showcase his talents by pursuing his lifelong passion for music.

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Rob Grant Ventures Into Music Industry With Debut Album

Inspired by his daughter ā€” real name Elizabeth Grant's rise to superstardom, the 69-year-old is stepping into the spotlight with his debut album "Lost at Sea," set to release this Friday. Despite having a diverse career background as an advertising copywriter, restaurant owner, boat builder, and furniture store owner, Grant's true passion lies in his love for the ocean

This passion has influenced his debut album, a collection of 14 piano-based tracks predominantly featuring instrumental compositions, with a few unique collaborations with the 37-year-old. 

He revealed to PEOPLE, "When I play the piano, I'll often drift off into almost a hypnotic state," while recollecting countless memories of sailing and fishing from his Rhode Island childhood. 

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The "Hollywood Bowl" artist noted that his affinity for sailing started at a young age, around 15, when he began venturing out on his own and found solace on the water. During this time, he dabbled in playing the piano, unearthing his natural musical abilities without formal training, a skill that remains ignorant today.

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Lana Del Rey's Dad, 69 Set To Launch Music Career With First Album
Instagram | Rob Grant
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Grant recalled that while working in the corporate space, he seized the opportunity to collaborate with his cousin and country songwriter, Phil Madeira, in Nashville. After creating a lighthearted track titled "Big Bubba," they pitched it to a publishing company on Nashville's Music Row but got rejected. 

Reflecting on the "Don't Call Me Angel" singer's career, he expressed immense pride in her accomplishments, stating, "I'm very proud." As she made a mark in the music industry, he observed her journey from a supportive and protective position, noting how "she persevered and kept making music. She stuck straight to her unique aesthetic."  

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By 2021, Del Ray was creating her album "Blue Banisters," Grant's musical talents took center stage after she overheard his piano improvisation session. Within a short time, they had crafted the album's final track, "Sweet Carolina." 

After announcing his album in February, Grant received online attention from fans who affectionately dubbed him "Nepo Daddy," acknowledging his daughter's pre-existing musical success. 

Embracing the playful moniker, the entrepreneur humorously noted, "I thought, 'Oh, sā€”, that's fabulous. I've got to get that domain.' I want to do merch. I want to create a brand around this thing." 

 Grant proudly embraces his newfound title, welcoming the various endearing nicknames his supporters have bestowed him, including "Robster, Daddy Del Rey, Papa Del Rey, Lobster Lobster, and now Nepo Daddy."

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'Royals' Singer Makes Triumphant Return To The Stage From Long Hiatus

Lana Del Rey at the 2023 Billboard Women In Music

After the award-winning musician took a four-year hiatus from live performances, she marked her highly anticipated comeback as one of the headlining acts at the prestigious Mita Festival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

For the highly anticipated return, The Blast reported that she paid homage to Marilyn Monroe by donning a platinum blonde hairstyle reminiscent of the iconic actress, adding an extra layer of allure to her already mesmerizing performance.

She captivated the audience at the concert with her signature talent, showcasing tracks from her latest album, "Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd," in a memorable performance. Del Rey paired her striking hairstyle with a chic black ensemble with a quarter-sleeved top, matching skirt, and gold accents. 

Despite her break from live performances, the "Young and Beautiful" crooner appeared on late-night talk shows and received prestigious accolades, including the Visionary Award at the 2023 Billboard Women in Music.

During her acceptance speech, she said, "I don't exactly have a long-term vision at all, but if you were curious, I am very happy. THE WATERS WERE NOT QUITE WARM when I released my first album 14 years ago. I'm happy for everyone who feels like it's a wonderful time in the culture to be themselves and express themselves. It didn't feel that way in 2008."

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