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Marlon Wayans Slams United Airlines For Embarrassing Airport Incident 

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By Favour Adegoke on June 11, 2023 at 1:15 PM EDT

Marlon Wayans isn't pleased about the treatment he received while trying to board a flight on United Airlines.

The actor took to Instagram to rant about an altercation with one of the airline's staff members, which led to him being dropped from the flight and receiving a citation from the police.

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Marlon Wayans Recounts His Airport Incident

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Wayans took to Instagram on Friday to slam United Airlines for the behavior of one of their staff, which led to him being kicked off a flight he had booked.

The actor revealed that he was scheduled to perform at a show in Kansas City but that the agent he met at the airport started an issue with him unnecessarily by "claiming he had too many bags."

"Most agents are always love, but now and then, you come across BAD PEOPLE. This was one of them. @united this type of employee should never work at your company," Wayans vented his frustration at the service.

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The comedian, who received a citation from the Denver Police Department for the incident, noted that the personnel "tried to lie and say I assaulted him."

He added about the anonymous staff, "He was desperate to have some authority. I've flown over 15,000,000 miles in my lifetime and rarely have had problems. Anyone knows who knows me knows I'm a mild-mannered dude."

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Marlon Wayans Wants People To Stop Flying United Airlines

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Still, on the issue, Wayans later explained why he brought it up on social media, saying he wanted the airline to be canceled.

He remarked. "This was harassment, and I will make enough noise to ensure all my friends, family, and people stop flying @united. This will be a corporate matter."

He also implored his fans to "fly where you're respected, protected, and loved" while sharing a picture of himself on an American Airlines flight.

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As for missing out on his shows, the comedian requested to be paid for the damages and also be apologized to

In a follow-up Instagram post, Wayans ranted about the incident and reiterated his request to be paid for the inconvenience.

"The White Chicks" star said, "@united, you owe me for my inconvenience, for my missed shows, and most of all, you owe my disappointed fans. After you compensate me, you should give all the fans affected by my no-show vouchers for free trips." 

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Marlon Wayans Recently Lost His Father, Howell

Marlon Wayans pays tribute to dad Howell Wayans
Instagram | Marlon Wayans

The airplane incident comes two months after the actor talked about his father's death on an episode of "Good Morning America," per Page Six.

At the time, Wayans reflected on the traumatic incident and shared that many things in his life felt "depressing."

On how he ensures he stays sane, the actor said that being on stage was the "only thing that saves" him.

"When I'm hurting, those laughs that I hear from other people healing from my pain, I realize my purpose," he remarked. "And I think it's important for all of us to do what comedians do, which is look at this world, look at this life, and always try to spend your life trying to find smiles."

He Paid Tribute To His Father

Marlon Wayans looks incredible in this photo showing him in a brown suit.
Instagram | Marlon Wayans

The actor had earlier shared an emotional tribute to his father on Instagram. As part of the piece, Wayans thanked his father, whom he described as a "legend," for "being an example of a Man to all your boys." 

"I pray all young black boys can grow up to be a Man like you. Baby boy loves you. And if ever I need you, I know exactly where to find you… in my Bible that now sits by the bed. Rest well," he penned on Instagram alongside a photo of him and his dad.

"I got two angels," Wayans added, referencing his mom, who passed on in 2020. "I feel you all lifting me already. If there's a heaven, I know you are sitting in VIP sippin' the best wine Jesus can make…."

After his father's death, Wayans performed at a comedy show in Los Angeles, where he reportedly "worked the tragedy" into his material.

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