Floyd Mayweather Custody Battle with Ex-GF Includes Strippers, Drugs & Shout-Outs to Warren Buffett

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By TheBlast Staff on October 28, 2018 at 7:30 PM EDT

Floyd Mayweather has been ordered to return his son to Los Angeles after a nasty custody battle erupted between the boxer and his baby mama, and now the two are preparing to face off for a judge to decide who will ultimately get the child.

Mayweather's baby mama, Josie Harris, recently went to court and filed emergency documents, asking a judge to force The Champ to return their 17-year-old son, Zion, from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

Harris, who has physical custody of their son, claims Zion recently fled her home in Valencia, CA and took off with Mayweather. She says the boy is in his last year of high-school, and is putting his graduation in jeopardy by blowing off class.

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She also says the boxer's lifestyle is not appropriate for a 17-year-old child, especially when he "needs to focus on finishing school," and is hopefully preparing for college.


Harris points out that her ex is the owner and operator of a strip club in Vegas, The Girl Collection, and is "rarely home to personally supervise the children." She says he throws "$2 million parties" and frequents strip clubs, and included social media posts from Mayweather of himself hanging out with strippers as examples in her court filing.

Money Mayweather filed his own documents, defending his lifestyle and explaining that its in the boy's best interest to be exposed to the famous influencers he encounters on a daily basis.

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According to Mayweather's filing, he says his son has made it clear that if he's forced to stay with his mom, he will flee home and live on the streets. Mayweather explains that he cannot willingly cast his son out into the streets so he has been caring for the boy while the custody matter is handled.


As for what Zion is exposed to, Mayweather says his career and example of self-motivation is not lost on a young male, and serves to represent the "American Dream" of "industriousness, courage, resilience, determination and accomplishment."

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He counters Harris' accusations about bringing his son around strippers, and says the child has in fact rubbed elbows with the likes of Warren Buffet, Professor Charles Oglestree of Harvard Law School and even Kobe Bryant.

Mayweather also claims, "I have never drank, smoked or used drugs, but says Harris has "indulgences" which he does not find suitable for the development of their children. He doesn't go into detail what those indulgences are, but he also says his ex tells him he is an "awesome father" with a "good heart."

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Mayweather was arrested for domestic violence against Harris in 2010, and later served 3 months in jail, and she brings the incident up in her documents, as well as multiple incidents of having to go to court to demand that Mayweather comply with the custody agreement.

As for the domestic abuse, the boxer still believes Harris exaggerated the incident, and claims she later admitted as much in an email. He does not take any responsibility for the crime, but explains she was "under the influence" with an alleged combination of marijuana, alcohol, Vicodin, Xanax and Wellburtrin.

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Mayweather has been in headlines over talks of a rematch with Manny Pacquaio in Japan, but whether or not that fight ever happens, for now he remains retired. In his documents, Champ says he is now officially "retired" and is focused on spending time with his children and focusing on their lives.

While the two parents filed their competing declarations, Mayweather was recently contacted by the Nevada Attorney General, who was attempting to assist in a peaceful resolution to bring Zion back to Los Angeles after a court order was issued against Mayweather.

Mayweather offered to cooperate with the AG, to make it clear he was not disobeying the court and committing a felony by keeping the boy, and all parties agreed to meet in private arbitration Monday in Los Angeles.

It will be up to a judge to make the final call in the best interest of the child.

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