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The HAIM Sisters Open Up And Share The Vulnerable Side Of Navigating Mental Health

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By Taylor Hodgkins on June 8, 2023 at 5:30 PM EDT

The HAIM sisters have demonstrated that they know a thing or two about being alone.

The first single from the trio's third LP "Women In Music Pt. III" was released at the height of the pandemic in 2020. Its music video shows Danielle, Este, and Alana silently dancing near each other, with quite a bit of distance still between the trio.

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The three sisters, who have been playing music since childhood and released their first album a decade ago this year, are familiar enough with the industry by now to know there are some lonely aspects of being in the spotlight, and there is a constant need to make sure they are keeping themselves 'above water,' so to speak.

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Este, Danielle, and "Licorice Pizza" star Alana are no strangers to publicly discussing any aspects of mental health. The Savage Garden-influenced track "Now I'm In It" from their aforementioned third album is about depression and anxiety, topics the trio are seemingly more than comfortable openly sharing with their fans.

The trio sat down with Elle UK and among other topics, they discussed the respective tools they use to take care of their mental health while navigating fame and life on the road.

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Danielle Haim Says The Band Chronicled Anxiety And Depression In 'Now I'm In It'

Haim described their track "Now I'm In It" as a "chaotic" example of what the mind can feel like when the writer is spiraling (every Haim sister is credited on the song).

The band detailed the subject matter in a Twitter thread in the fall of 2019.

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"now i'm in it is about going through a depression," their Twitter thread began. "a depression. a not leaving the house type s**t. for my sisters and i, there have been times in our lives where we have felt like we are stuck in a dark hole."

The thread continued, "the track is chaotic- like my mind when i'm spiraling. fast-talking to my mind- words jumbled up. heartbeat racing. these times are hard to forget and even harder to work through. after being constantly on the go the past couple years, i didn't wanna stop and deal with some s**t."

Girl group Haim arrive at the Brit Awards Universal Music Afterparty held at The Ned hotel
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The third tweet stated "also every day my sisters and i feel so f**king lucky that we get to do this for a living! it seemed like stopping and dealing with these emotions would be letting everyone down. but everytime I've been depressed- it takes me accepting I need help, to start to get out of it."

Danielle's final tweet said, "it's gotten a little easier as i've gotten older to realize the symptoms and remind myself that when this happens, i need to seek help. (shout out to my therapist!!) anyway, we all know it's important to talk about this stuff. this one poured out of us. take care of yourself be nice to yourself. and thank the ones around you that help u everyday. hope this helps anyone who is in it right now [heart emoji]."

The Trio Continues To Talk Therapy In Interviews!

The sisters continue to discuss and be vulnerable with mental health with their fans through readers. Alana and Danielle discussed therapy in a new interview with Elle UK, and Este opened up about her experience with diabetes and chronic pain.

Alana, 31, mentioned to the outlet that therapy was next on her agenda. "It's incredibly important," she said.

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Danielle, 34, added "It takes a lot of strength to be vulnerable. It was amazing to see [the reaction to the album]. 'I Know Alone' was probably written at the darkest depths of my depression," she continued. "and it was weird because we released it during the pandemic when everyone was alone, and the messages we got from our fans were saying, 'This has helped us so much.' There is nothing better than having that connection with someone you don't know."

Haim will be featured on the upcoming "Barbie: The Album" for the upcoming "Barbie" film! The trio's track is called "Home," and fans can stream it on July 21st!

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