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Kat Stickler and daughter Mary-Katherine

Viral 'Cake Mom' Needs A Serious Timeout!

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By Melanie VanDerveer on June 8, 2023 at 3:15 PM EDT

It's giving "you can't have your cake and eat it too" vibes.

A viral TikTok video about what started out as a normal day at the park for a mom and her 3-year-old daughter has many outraged, including me!

The story Kat Stickler tells is one that has many people shaking their heads. Her video has received 10 million views and has more than 51,000 comments, most of which are supporting Stickler's side of the story.

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It All Began As A Normal Day At The Park

Kat Stickler on TikTok
Kat Stickler - TikTok

Stickler began her video by saying she doesn't normally mom shame, but this is another story altogether. She first asked her audience if she is acting entitled or if the situation she's about to share is really just that "messed up."

"Two hours ago, literally right now, MK and I were at the park in my neighborhood, and it was us and this birthday group. So, literally just us and this birthday group," she began her story. "These kids are having their birthday party and MK's playing with them for like what, a half an hour. They're making friends. It was nice, it was actually very cute."

So far, sounds like a great time at the park, right? Well, just wait. It gets insane fast.

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"Time to sing 'Happy Birthday.' MK goes over, she's one of the group right now alright. They're welcoming her with open arms, or so I thought. I was wrong," she continued. "Time to eat cake. I see MK, I see her intentions of grabbing a piece of cake, so I walk over to make sure it's okay as a formality, honestly I was like obviously it's okay. It's cake. It's a massive cake, there's lots of leftover pieces."

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That's when the mother of the birthday child decides to take the plate away from the 3-year-old, gets down to her level and says, "You cannot eat this cake, okay? This is not your birthday party. These are not your friends. Where's your mother?"

That's when her story ends in the video. But that's all anyone needed to hear before the comments began flowing. Before we go to the TikTok comments, let me share my thoughts on this.

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"It Takes A Village"

Stock photo
Stock photo - Canva

I'm a mother. I have four kids. I don't even think it matters for this discussion that I am a mother, but for argument's sake, we'll just stick with my opinion coming from a mother's perspective first and a human one second.

How can any person on this planet be rude to an innocent child who's done nothing wrong? She's 3 years old, and you just went out of your way to rudely deny this child a piece of cake, in which you had plenty of extra pieces. Would acting like a kind human being really take away from your child's birthday? The kids all welcomed MK to their group. They didn't discriminate against her because she wasn't on the guest list. So how do you justify treating a child this way? A THREE YEAR OLD CHILD!

The old saying, "It takes a village to raise a child" is such a true statement. But when someone in that "village" demonstrates hate and negativity for no reason, it becomes a very real lesson for everyone involved. I commend Stickler for staying calm, cool and collected, and not doing what most of us probably envisioned we would have liked to do - react to this mom's disgusting attitude with colorful words in a not-so-nice tone.

Stickler told TODAY.com that after the park incident, she took her daughter out for cake and ice cream.

"People have been asking me, 'What did you say to the mom?' The mom was literally least of my concerns. I was worried about MK," she said. And luckily, MK didn't seem too bothered by the event.

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"She was totally fine," Stickler said. "She was excited to go get ice cream with me."

The TikTok Village Had A Lot To Say In The Comments

Kat Stickler and daughter MK
Kat Stickler - Instagram

Tons of supportive words filled the comment section of the TikTok video. And many shared what they would have done, whether honestly or jokingly.

"I would've immediately shoved the entire piece of cake in my mouth," one person said.

"I can’t believe a parent would treat a child like that regardless! I’d be super happy to share cake with a new friend my kid has made," said another.

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Kat Stickler and daughter MK
Kat Stickler - TikTok

Another person commented on how something like this could affect a young child. "How does a mom not know how damaging that is to a child. I’m so sorry that happened to MK ?."

Another follower added, "?How does that other mom think friends are made?!"

We can only hope this was an isolated incident for her child's sake otherwise her kid could become the school bully after being exposed to this type of anger and negativity.

Again I say, it takes a village. We all need to do our part to ensure our village is filled with the kind of humans who will become a positive role model for our kids.

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