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Jessie J Finally Goes Instagram Official With Baby Daddy

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on June 7, 2023 at 12:45 PM EDT

Jessie J is done keeping the steamy secrets of her love life with basketballer Chanan Safir Colman!

For those unaware, the "Price Tag" singer and the pro basketball player are in a relationship and recently welcomed their son. Since dating, the songwriter has dutifully kept many details about her partner off the media, only gushing about his attributes. 

However, she recently took the covers off her relationship with Colman and showed him off on her social media for his first Danish Father's Day.

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Jessie J Celebrates Father's Day With Her Baby Daddy 

After gushing about her man and keeping his face hidden numerous times, the "Flashlight" hitmaker finally debuted him on her Instagram page to celebrate Father's Day. The post was a video compilation of sweet moments of their love story over the months. 

At the beginning of the video, Colman was seen in the pool with only a pair of shorts before transitioning to show a mirror selfie of the lovers. A scene from the footage unveiled the duo locking lips, and another captured Colman cradling Jessie's baby bump. Also spotted in the roundup was a heartwarming solo shot of the 39-year-old dad holding their newborn

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Captioning the cute video, Jessie wrote: "Ah f*** it. I can't keep secreetssssss with ALL AH DIS LOVEEEE INSIDE OF MEEEE. Happy 1st Father's Day, baby •. Damn, it looks good on you." The post received lots of love from fans, who commented on how lovely the couple are. 

Colman dropped a sweet comment for his partner. He wrote, "Thanks, baby, and what a 1st Father's Day it was. And JEEESH almost forgot how hot you looked pregnant." One fan commented, "It's about time ??? man's too good looking to be hiding anymore, Jess."

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The Father's Day post comes hours after the "Domino" singer showered love on her man and revealed the role he played during her delivery. Alongside a photo of Colman holding her hands during the birth of their son, Jessie poured her heart's content. She began her sweet tribute, admitting that she struggles to keep things private before revealing how they met. 

She penned, "I met this man weeks after my miscarriage in 2021, like a beam of light. He lit up my dark days. It was a whirlwind of love and a miracle that we fell pregnant naturally with no issues. Grateful doesn't cut it."

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Jessie J gushes about her baby daddy
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Jessie continued with praises for her man. Hailing him, Jessie penned, "The calm to my crazy. The peace to my fear. The daddy to my baby."

The "Price Tag" Singer Described Her Birthing Experience

Fans can expect to see more of the English singer's relationship online as she never fails to let fans in on what happens in her life. A few days ago, she told her over 13 million followers about her birthing experience

As she has done throughout her pregnancy, Jessie once more updated her followers on how she brought her son into the world. The update included a video of the singer wearing hospital scrubs, compression socks and dancing energetically. 

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She narrated her experience in the caption: "I spent nine months prepping for a natural birth: strict food, the epi no, yoga, swimming, hypnobirthing methods. I had a tens machine and a birthing comb; ideally, I wanted a pool birth with no medication. But this was MY plan to stay disciplined and focused. I knew it could and would likely go completely differently."

The former "The Voice UK" host then revealed that she had no plans about her son's birth. "When people asked me "So what's your birth plan," I said, "I am open to surrendering to the safest way for my baby boy to arrive."

However, her pregnancy wasn't easy, as her baby wasn't in the correct position for birth. Jessie explained that she had a scan that showed that her boy "was completely the wrong way around and stuck as he was a little chunkier than your average and long."

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Jessie J's baby daddy Chanan Safir Colman
Instagram| chanancolman

After the scan, the new mom highlighted that she tried her best to get her baby to turn around, but all to no avail. Jessie said her boy wanted to "make an entrance out the roof, not the front door." Jessie further shared that the doctors advised her to have a C- section, adding that she made the dancing video minutes before going into surgery. 

Concluding her lengthy caption, the proud mom of one explained why she was sharing the update. She said, "I guess I'm sharing this because so many have said, "Do you feel like you missed out on the birth you wanted?"

"I had a birth, and it was everything I wanted because I got him at the end; that's all that matters."

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