'Big Brother' Star Christmas Rammed Car Into Cheating Baby Daddy's GF Car While 8-Months Pregnant

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By TheBlast Staff on November 6, 2018 at 10:17 PM EST

"Big Brother" star Christmas Abbott's arrest came about after a crazy scene where she confronted the alleged mistress of her baby daddy and then used her vehicle as a battering ram against the woman's car ... all while 8-months pregnant.

According to the police report obtained by The Blast, cops were called to a cross fit gym back in August for a disturbance, and quickly came into contact with Christmas. The star began crying and told police she "lost it" and crashed her car into a vehicle because it belonged to a woman who was in a relationship with the father of her unborn child, a man named Benjamin Bunn.

The cop noted that he did not handcuff Christmas due to her being 8-months pregnant at the time, but allowed her to sit on a curb while everyone was interviewed.

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The victim, a woman named Samantha Jane Morse, claimed she was drinking an iced coffee at the gym when Christmas confronted her and asked if Bunn had purchased her the coffee, as he was also at the gym. When Morse confirmed that he had, Christmas demanded to know if the two were sleeping together, but Morse claimed it was not an appropriate time to speak on the matter.

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Christmas Abbott MugShot
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Christmas allegedly called the woman a "pathetic home wrecking little slut," and threw her coffee across the floor of the gym. The star then exited the gym and got into her car and repeatedly smashed Morses's black honda sedan with her Mercedes SUV, all while screaming that the woman was a home wrecker.

When police asked Christmas whey she damaged Morse's vehicle, the star admitted she would have smashed Bunn's car if it had been the one in the parking lot.

While giving his statement, Bunn told police the two were no longer in a relationship.

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Christmas was informed of her arrest, and apparently became extremely angry and began yelling at the officer, who had to get her under control by using her "pressure points." He also told Christmas if she did not calm down she would be placed in handcuffs.

The "Big Brother" alumn was transported to the nearby police station, but they refused to book her because of her pregnant state. She was then taken to the hospital and checked out.

Abbott later gave birth to son Loyal Atticus Abbott on October 8. Bunn was not present, and claims he found out about the birth via email.

As we reported, a warrant for her arrest was later issued and Christmas turned herself in Tuesday morning.

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On Wednesday the star seemingly addressed the incident on social media, while breastfeeding, and said "Just Mindin My Own Business."

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