The Weeknd Accused of Ripping Off Comic Book Creator for ‘Starboy’

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By TheBlast Staff on November 14, 2018 at 5:04 AM EST

The Weeknd is accused of ripping off a comic book writer by stealing his idea and turning it into his own "Starboy" story.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Eymun Talasazan says he has been in the business of creating and publishing comic book characters for 10 years.

Talasazan says he came up with an idea to use the vast popularity of Rap/R&B music to launch and promote a new breed of comic book superhero characters centered on the Rap/R&B music industry.

In 2014, he claims to have created an original concept for his own comic book and continued working on it for years. He claims to have discussed the idea with the late Stan Lee.

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Talasazan says he planned to populate his comic book with real-life musicians and other fictional characters inspired by the Rap/R&B music industry.

He claims to have had multiple conversations with The Weeknd’s representatives for him to be a character named "Starboy" after one of his songs. However, after pitching the idea to The Weeknd, things went radio silent.

Talasazan says he intended to use "Starboy" without The Weeknd’s involvement and filed to trademark the name.

But he claims in June 2018, The Weeknd went and published his own comic book series named "Starboy" which was “near identical premise” that Talasazan allegelly pitched.

The suit is seeking an injunction against The Weeknd from continuing to sell his comics, all profits be turned over and for unspecified damages.

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Earlier this year, The Weeknd, through his company XO Trademarks LLC, filed docs to oppose Talasazan's trademark application for "Starboy."

The singer demanded the trademark application be denied. The case is still pending.

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