Late Ray Liotta and fiancée Jacy Nittolo

Late Ray Liotta's Fiancée, Jacy, Marks 1st Death Anniversary: 'Heavy Year Of Pain'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on May 30, 2023 at 3:15 PM EDT

Friday, May 26, marked a year since the tragic death of Ray Liotta, who passed on in his sleep in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, during the filming of "Dangerous Waters."

He was engaged to Jacy Nittolo at the time of his death, and she is now honoring his memory most touchingly while recalling how much pain she felt upon finding out about her loss.

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Jacy Nittolo Marks The Late Ray Liotta's First Death Anniversary With Emotional Words

Nittolo is going down an upsetting memory lane as she marks her late fiancé's first death anniversary with beautiful photos and a lengthy tribute filled with heartbreak on Instagram.

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Late Ray Liotta and fiancée Jacy Nittolo
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The lovebirds looked utterly happy in each other's arms in the six photographs she shared, displaying them at different places, including in a restaurant, on the beach, and a vehicle. The bereaved partner has undoubtedly not gotten over losing her soulmate, as she narrated in the caption how her "entire world unexpectedly turned upside down" with the death of Liotta.

She recalled flying home alone from the Dominican Republic but sitting beside a lovely stranger who held her hand as she cried her heart out throughout the flight.

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Upon landing, the unknown female assured Nittolo that she and everything would be okay, and afterward, she met up with Liotta's sister Linda. She recalled, "I walked off the plane and met Ray's sister for a connecting flight to LA, and I don't know what I would have done without Linda that night."

Nittolo wrote about how the past year has been for her, revealing that she lost another loved one but learned to keep going despite all the misery. "It's been a heavy year of pain, heartache, healing, growing, and accepting what is," the "Goodfellas" actor's fiancée explained. "Learning to smile at what was. It supposedly gets easier with time."

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She further noted that even with time healing wounds, it could not change a loss so great, but she could only learn to live with it and keep going, trusting that everything would be fine.

Nittolo credited her stepdaughter Karsen and her kids, Dax, Chazz, Kade, and Joey, for keeping her going daily.

Afterward, she disclosed that the second love of her life, her grandmother, who raised her, passed away on the same day. "20 years ago today of all days, my grandmother passed away. She helped raise me. She was the other love of my life and one of my favorites. Both on 5/26 ❤️❤️."

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Thousands headed to the comments to offer consoling words to the heartbroken woman, including Kelly Rizzo, who lost her husband, Bob Saget, last year. Rizzo could relate to such heartache and commended Nittolo for handling the past year "absolutely brilliantly." She added that things would get "a tiny bit easier" eventually, after which she appreciated Nittolo for being a "wonderful friend."

A second supporter penned, "I am praying for your comfort today and all the hard days to follow. You had a beautiful love, and I pray that as you smile at the past, you will look with hope to the future." "Love you, babe. Sending you a massive hug," one fan expressed, and another wrote, "Thinking of you & your family during this difficult time."

This will not be the first time Nittolo will pay tribute to the late Liotta after his passing, as she did last August, marking three months since his death. For the devastating milestone, she revealed that she got a tattoo in honor of his memory.

The "Field of Dreams" star's partner did not appear bothered by the needle in the snap as her wrist was inked with a feather tattoo that held significant meaning to her. Explaining the motive behind the gesture, she wrote in the caption, "Yesterday marked three months. It only seemed appropriate to do something meaningful that will forever be with me."

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The 'Something Wild' Actor Died Of Natural Causes In His Sleep

About a year after Liotta kicked the bucket in his sleep, reports showed that officials in the Dominican Republic had determined the cause of his death

Ray Liotta at the 22nd Annual Newport Beach Film Festival Presents Festival Honors & Variety's 10 Actors To Watch - Newport Beach
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According to court documents, the "Goodfellas" star's death was classified as "natural and nonviolent" as he died from "fluid in his lungs" caused by respiratory inadequacy and pulmonary edema. 

The documents also claimed that he suffered acute heart failure and atherosclerosis — a thickening of the arteries caused by plaque build-up along the artery's inner linings. No foul play or suspicious activity was associated with the Golden Globe Award nominee's passing.

The late actor was with his fiancée in the Dominican Republic at the time of his passing. Hollywood deeply mourned his death.

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