Gucci Mane to Baby Mama: You Don’t Need $20,000 a Month to Raise Our Son

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By TheBlast Staff on November 23, 2018 at 1:13 AM EST

Gucci Mane says his baby mama doesn’t need $20,000 a month to raise their son and calls her alleged expenses "suspect" in his attempt to get her lawsuit thrown out of court.

On November 14, Gucci filed court docs asking for a judge to order he does not have to turn over his financial information in his legal battle with Sheena Evans, fearing she could leak it to the press.

The rapper explains he is a famous musician and protecting his financial information is critical to protecting his ongoing business operations and future negotiations.

He believes Evans, her team or even someone at the court leaked the original lawsuit filed by his baby mama against him. He fears the same will happen if he files the information about his net worth and monthly income.

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Gucci says he is very rich and is telling the court to use the highest level to determine any alleged child support increase, which his baby mama is seeking in her case.

The rapper says the only issue in the case is whether an increase in the child support is “consistent with the best interest of the minor child.”

Gucci is demanding his baby mama be prohibited from leaking any information about his finances to the press.

He calls his Evans' monthly expenses "suspect" and says her requested $20,000 child support is nonsense. He calls into question her claiming to spend $800 a month on dry cleaning for their kid, $1,000 on clothes, $150 on grooming and $2,800 in extracurricular activities.

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Earlier this year, Evans sued Gucci Mane seeking to increase the child support for their son Keitheon (born in 2007) from $2,076 a month to $20k. She claimed there was a significant increase in Gucci’s income since he left prison in 2011, pointing to his alleged $1 million wedding.

Gucci filed docs demanding the court shut down her request and throw out the entire lawsuit. The rapper said there was no substantial change in his finances since their original 2011 agreement. He denied dropping $1 million on his wedding to Keyshia Ka'Oir.

Back in 2011, the two reached an agreement on custody and support over their son. Sheena was awarded primary physical custody with Gucci getting visitation.

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He was ordered to pay $2,026 a month in child support based on his monthly income at the time of $24k.

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