Nicki Minaj’s Mom Dragged Into Singer’s $50,000 Lawsuit, Served with Legal Docs at N.Y. Home

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By TheBlast Staff on November 25, 2018 at 11:03 PM EST

Nicki Minaj’s mother was served with a lawsuit intended for her famous daughter and the company doing the suing wants a judge to rule the service is valid and they can continue on with their lawsuit.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Cahuenga Inc. wants a judge to rule their service of Nicki's mother, Carol Maraj, counts as service for Nicki.

The company claims for several months, they have tried to serve Minaj on multiple occasions with no luck. They say their agents have "been regularly prevented from effectuating such service by Defendants bodyguards and personal security."

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"As Defendant is perpetually 'on tour' traveling, or alternatively staying in various hotel rooms rather than a fixed location," Cahuenga claims, "Plaintiff has been unable to identify a specific location that can be defined as Defendant’s actual place of business."

The company claims to have "vigorously attempted to serve Defendant Minaj personally" but with no success.

On October 25, Cahuenga went to a home Nicki Minaj owns in Baldwin, New York to try and find her. Instead, they claim her mother opened the door. They claim to have served her with the lawsuit.

The company says following serving her mom, they got a call from a lawyer about the case but he claimed he was not authorized to accept service.

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Cahuenga wants the judge to order they have completed service on Minaj or for additional time to find Nicki.

Cahuenga, Inc. sued Minaj in 2017 accusing her of breaching a deal they had for NBA All-Star Weekend. The suit explained Minaj signed a deal with them in 2011, where she agreed to make an appearance and host an event at Siren Studios in Hollywood.

Cahuenga paid the singer a total of $53,000 prior to the event and Minaj was to arrive at midnight and stay until 1:00 AM.

The company claims Minaj arrived 90 minutes late, at 1:30 AM, and left in less than 30 minutes.

Cahuenga said they got screwed on the deal and claimed to have lost profits. They sued Minaj for in excess of $53k.

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The suit has been on pause because the company has not been able to locate Minaj to serve her with the legal papers, which is required before the case can move forward.

The lawsuit is their second attempt to bring these claims against Nicki Minaj, having originally filed the same complaint in 2014 but never served the singer, before they decided to re-file the new case in 2017.

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