Damon Dash Wants a Restraining Order Against Hair Stylist He Claims is Harassing His Family

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By TheBlast Staff on November 25, 2018 at 9:37 PM EST

Damon Dash is firing back at the allegations he harassed a children’s hair stylist, and is demanding a judge grant him a restraining order against a woman who is allegedly harassing his family.

On November 9, Dash filed to obtain a restraining order against his “former acquaintance and business colleague” Patrice Miner.

The ex- music mogul wants not only himself protected but his ‘fiancé’ Raquel Horn and his 10-year-old daughter Tallulah protected from Miner.

He wants Miner ordered to stay 30 yards away from them all.

Dash explains he is a tenant of Miner and subleased a commercial space in Los Angeles. He has spent $50,000 on rent and other expenses.

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Dash states, “I am the victim in this action and I am seeking to get protection and a restraining order from Patrice Miner”. He accuses her of harassing him and his family on numerous occasions. He claims to have videos and witnesses to corroborate his account.

He accuses the woman of being, “addicted to drugs and/alcohol and her judgment is impaired which is causing her to act irrationally and violently.”

Dash says Miner filed for a restraining order with false accusations against him. He calls her a “con artist and a fraud and her false restraining order against me is part of her schema (sic) to defraud me out of thousands of dollars”

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He accuses her of changing his locks and trespassing on his property on one occasion. Dash says on another date he threw his daughter a Halloween party at the space, and Miner showed up uninvited and caused a scene. He claims his family feared for their safety.

Dash accuses her on another date while they were both in the alley behind the building of approaching him irrationally and verbally harassing him. He says she got physically violent and pushed him when he asked her to leave.

He says he will be suing her for defamation in the near future. Dash wants a restraining order fearing she will continue the harassment and/or will file a false police report against him.

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Dash filed his request for a restraining order days after Miner, a kid’s hair stylist, obtained one against him. In her petition she accused him of recently coming into the store, “walked up to me and threaten my life.”

She claims Dash grabbed a customer and threw him out of the shop before telling her she was “so lucky” there were people there.

In another incident, she claims Dash “yelled and screamed and called me an idiot in front of guests and customers.”

Miner was granted the TRO and there will be a hearing later this month to make it permanent.

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