Tekashi 6ix9ine's Crew Took Credit for 50 Cent Shooting, Claimed Rapper Was Not a 'Gang Member'

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By TheBlast Staff on November 28, 2018 at 8:36 PM EST

Tekashi 6ix9ine may have just been thrown a golden life preserver from the same guys who planned to kill him after two of his main entourage members validated that the rapper was never really in the gang.

Federal prosecutors filed documents in the case of Mel Murda, who was arrested with Tekashi and the other alleged Nine Trey Gangsta Blood members.

According to the documents, Murda was wiretapped by officials having a discussion with Murda and Kifano Jordan, AKA Shotti. Murda was asking Shotti about comments Tekashi made during an interview with "The Breakfust Club," when he claimed to have fired his whole team.

Murda felt that Tekashi embarrassed Shotti, but he assured the crew that "I'mma feed him," which officials believed was a reference to shooting the hip-hop star.

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He makes it clear that Tekashi is an enemy of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods now, stating, "Just tell that n**** that he not a gang member no more. He kicked out the whip."

The alleged shot caller then dropped the money shot, by claiming Tekashi "was never a gang member."

The revelation by Murda that the "Dummy Boy" rapper was never a gang member, can back up the rapper's own statements that the violent act was just that ... an act.

In another wiretapped call, Murda and another alleged gang member were discussing a shooting that took place in Brooklyn on August 14, which also happened to be near a music video set where 50 Cent and Tekashi were filming.

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During the call, it was discussed that the "homie" "flipped the clip at the video shoot," referencing the shooting. Police were never able to track down someone responsible for spraying bullets near the video shoot.

As we reported, Tekashi is currently being held at an undisclosed facility after his lawyer said threats were made on his life. After reading the wiretapped conversations between his former confidantes, it's probably for the best he's kept under heavy protection.

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