Stormy Daniels & Estranged Husband Named in Police Report For Alleged Threats, Homophobic Slurs

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By TheBlast Staff on November 28, 2018 at 7:59 PM EST

Stormy Daniels and her husband have been accused of threatening a couple who helped manage the adult film star's online store, and the men have filed a police report claiming they now fear for their safety.

Keith Munyan and J.D. Barrale are longtime partners and friends of Daniels. She once rented a home from Munyan, and has publicly referred to them as her "Gay Dads." The two men just filed a police report with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office.

Over the past year, the two men set up and ran Stormy's online merchandise store, Stormy Store. The shop became popular during the porn star's lawsuit and public battle against President Donald Trump, with lots of the merchandise reflecting Stormy's fight with Trump.

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We're told Stormy recently began accusing the guys of owing her money earned from operating the store, and has accused them of stealing around $25,000.

Sources close to the two tell The Blast they've done nothing but support Stormy throughout her career, and that all the money made from the store has gone back into the operating costs for the business, including advertising and product.

Things took a drastic turn Wednesday afternoon, when the men claimed to receive a text message from Daniels' estranged husband, Glen Crain. We're told she recently reconnected with Crain, as they share a daughter together.

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In a text message provided to The Blast, Crain appears to aggressively threaten Munyan and Barrale that they "fucked with my daughters' money, which means you've now fucked with me."

He then allegedly drops a homophobic slur directed at the men, appearing to write, "Rest assured I will get that 25,000 back that you two FA**OTS decided to keep to spite Stormy."

Crain then appears to promise, "I WILL FIND YOU," adding, "YOU WILL BE DEALING WITH ME."

We're told the two men interpreted the text message as a threat on their lives, and they went to file a police report against Crain and Daniels, as he was acting as her representative.

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The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office tells The Blast, "At approximately 5:30 pm tonight a Solvang resident contacted the Sheriff’s office regarding a threatening text message he received."

We're told, "The case is under investigation but at this time does not appear to rise to the level of a criminal threats case. The incident was documented and is still under investigation. Due to the ongoing investigation and the fact that there has been no determination of a crime being committed no additional information will be released at this time."

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Interestingly, Daniels has made multiple financial accusations lately as she also publicly implied that her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, is refusing to give her information about where the money went from her legal defense crowdfunding campaign.Thousands of people donated and raised more than $580,000 for Daniels, but she claims Avenatti won't tell her how the money was spent, or how much is left.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us they believe the motivation behind both accusations from Daniels is financially motivated, and find it questionable that she's lashing out at those who have been closest to the star throughout the recent months.

Attempts to reach Stormy Daniels and Glen Crain were unsuccessful.

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