Jana Kramer Announces Her Engagement To Allan Russell After Six Months Of Dating

Jana Kramer Announces Her Engagement To Allan Russell After Six Months Of Dating

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By Favour Adegoke on May 28, 2023 at 1:00 PM EDT

Country singer and actress Jana Kramer announced her engagement to boyfriend Allan Russell after six-and-a-half months of dating on her podcast. The romantic meeting occurred on the front porch of the house they're building together during a small pool party with Jana's children.

Before the proposal, Kramer had discussed the possibility of marriage with her ex-husband, Mike Caussin, who offered his congratulations and kind words upon learning about the engagement. Kramer and Caussin divorced in July 2021, and Kramer's upcoming marriage to Russell will be her fourth marriage.

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Jana Kramer's Is Engaged!

Jana Kramer Shares First Photo With New Beau Allan Russell
Instagram | Jana Kramer

In a surprising announcement on the latest episode of her podcast, "Whine Down with Jana Kramer," talented country singer Jana Kramer revealed her engagement to her boyfriend, Allan Russell. The couple, who have been dating for six-and-a-half months, celebrated the joyous occasion together.

Kramer revealed that she had been keeping the news under wraps until she felt ready to share it, stating, "I've had a few things that I have not been talking about because, you know, I just want to do it when I'm ready, and so I've got an announcement today."

Excited, she shared that Russell had popped the question. Kramer described the romantic engagement, which took place during a small pool party they hosted. 

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"It was a wonderful night, and the kids and I were all sitting… on the front porch of the steps, and just looking out at the view," the "I Got the Boy" singer shared, per People magazine. She continued, "And he said my name, and I got up or whatever, and then he got down on one knee, and Jolie just started jumping up and down. It was the cutest thing ever; it's like she knew what was happening."

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'You're The Love Of My Life' - Allan Russell Pops The Question

Allan Russell and Jana Kramer at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards

In a beautiful moment that left her momentarily speechless, Kramer admitted to experiencing a sense of disbelief as her now-fiancé, Russell, professed his heartfelt words. Although she confessed to "blacking out" at that moment, Kramer recalled Russell declaring his love for her, saying, "You're the love of my life," and asking for her hand in marriage.

"We just started crying, and it felt very sentimental given the front porch of the new house, new beginnings. It just felt right," she shared. "It was perfect. We were supposed to be in Jamaica, but something happened with the resort, so we ended up staying here, but honestly, that's exactly what I would have wanted at the house. I don't need the roses and the whole glam setup."

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Jana Kramer Says Allan Russell Is 'Her Person'

Jana Kramer at the World Premiere of Disney-Pixar's 'Incredibles 2'

Having found love through a dating app, Kramer opened up about her relationship with Russell, emphasizing that their connection was built on a solid foundation. She shared that while marriage had been a topic of discussion between them, they both felt no urgency to rush into tying the knot.

The mom of two, Jana, candidly shared that she even discussed the possibility of marrying Russell with her ex-husband, Mike Caussin, when he inquired whether Krama envisioned herself walking down the aisle with her Scottish beau.

Confident and secure in her feelings, Krama said, "I know he's my person; I trust him. There's no anxiousness attached to that. [Mike] already knew that [Russell] is my partner whether we get married or engaged or whatever."

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Jana Kramer's Ex-Husband Mike Caussin Is 'Really Happy' For Her

2019 E! People's Choice Awards held at Barker Hangar on November 10, 2019 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, United States. 10 Nov 2019 Pictured: Mike Caussin, Jana Kramer.

During a heartfelt FaceTime call with their daughter Jolie, Caussin learned about his ex-wife's engagement, and he responded with genuine happiness and extended his sincere congratulations. Kramer recalled sharing the kind words: "He was like, 'Hey, I'm happy for you. Allan's a great guy."

She added, per People, "I started to cry 'cause he goes, of all people, you deserve to have someone that loves and respects you, and you deserve this. After everything I put you through.' He was like, 'You deserve this more than anyone.' And it meant so much to me that he said that." 

Kramer and Caussin's journey has taken them on separate paths since their separation in April 2021, culminating in their divorce finalized in July of the same year. With her upcoming marriage to Russell, Kramer is set to embark on her fourth marriage.

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