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Tom Schwartz Never 'Getting Out Of Sandoval's Trench' Following 'VPR' Reunion!

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By MLC on May 26, 2023 at 11:00 AM EDT

Tom Schwartz may need to breakup with Tom Sandoval.

The TomTom restaurant co-owners have become the most-hated villains of season 10 of “Vanderpump Rules,” following “Scandoval.”

Twitter has been ablaze with ‘VPR’-related content since part one of the reunion aired on Wednesday, May 24th.

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Tom Schwartz Might Be AS BAD As Tom Sandoval!

apos Vanderpump Rules apos star Tom Schwartz shrugs off his recent dating drama as he films in Miami Beach

A majority of the reunion centered around “Scandoval,” and the length of time he and Raquel Leviss were having an affair behind Ariana Madix’s back.

In the event you aren’t caught up to speed on “Scandoval,” click here!

Well, Sandoval and Schwartz must’ve not debriefed one another about their affair timelines  prior to taping, because there was a big whoopsie-daisy between the two.

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Schwartz & Sandoval Caught In A Lie On-Camera!

Schwartz’s ex-wife, Katie Maloney, asked, “Dude when the f**k did you find out?”

He said he found out about Sandoval and Leviss’ affair in “late August,” but Sandoval retaliated with, “late August? WHAT?!”

Lala Kent chastised them by saying, “Did you guys not get your timelines together to match?”

According to Sandoval and Leviss, their affair began with a one-night stand in September 2022 and later developed into a full-blown affair, which we now know as “Scandoval.”

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Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval make drinks for guests as they party at food and wine festival in Miami
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Fans on Twitter have flocked to the platform to ridicule and criticize Schwartz since, so much so that his name began trending.

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//Schwartz Trending

“Vanderpump’s reaction to Schwartz saying he’s not an idiot ?,” one person tweeted along with a GIF of Lisa Vanderpump.

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Twitter Mercilessly Trolls Schwartz

“Schwartz made jokes about Raquel in front of Ariana when he knew about the affair. He covered for Sandoval’s narrative about Ariana. He can’t play both sides. His actions has put him in Sandoval’s trench. There’s no getting out,” another anti-Schwartz fan said.

“Schwartz is a PRs worst nightmare lmao the way Tom is looking at him you know he dun screwed up lol ?,” this “Team Ariana” viewer wrote.

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Elsewhere in the reunion, Andy Cohen focused on Maloney and Schwartz’s strained relationship since he made out with Leviss amid “Scandoval.”

“Schwartz spent his entire relationship with Katie embarrassing & demonizing her. Threatening her with a cease & desist then calling her a troll & mocking her in defense of Jo is one of the cruelest things we’ve ever seen on this network,” one fan tweeted.

“James [Kennedy] stuck up more for Katie during this reunion than Schwartz did throughout their entire relationship,” this fan wrote.

Others pointed out how empowered and smug both Maloney and Madix.

“Highlight of the episode for me was how amused these two looked when Sandoval and Schwartz started to talk about their sh***y bar that’s failing miserably and embarrassing LVP every night it stays open,” this “Team Ariana” fan tweeted.

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Part two and three of the reunion air next Wednesday and the following Wednesday.

It’s been promised there’s a “bombshell” so big that nobody saw it coming. There have been multiple rumors floating about that Leviss could be pregnant with Sandoval’s child.

This has not been confirmed or denied by either party.

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