Tara Reid Sues 'Sharknado' Producers for $100 Million Over Slot Machines

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By TheBlast Staff on December 6, 2018 at 7:23 PM EST

Tara Reid is accusing the producers of "Sharknado" of making a killing off her face by licensing her image for slot machines without her permission, and now the actress is fishing for $100 million in damages.

On December 6, the actress sued Asylum Entertainment and SYFY Media Productions, and according to documents, accuses them of false endorsement and misappropriation of celebrity likeness.

Reid believes the defendants wrongfully licensed the rights to use her likeness, which they do not own, to "manufacturers of slot machines, gambling products and beer makers, who in turn have marketed their product with her likeness, and continue to wrongfully trade and profit therefrom.”

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Reid explains she has starred in all the "Sharknado" movies since 2013 and each has been produced by Asylum Entertainment and published by SYFY Media. The actress claims they licensed her image to a third party without her consent and made million in profits off the gaming machines.

She claims her contract was very specific that her face could not be used in "Sharknado" promotional material if it related to tobacco, gambling, hygiene or sexual products.

Reid is demanding a jackpot of no less than $100 million in damages for the breaches of their deal and an injunction prohibiting from her face continuing to be used on the machines and products.


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