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Strippers From Denver Club Want Ja Morant Banned From All Clubs And An Apology

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By Melanie VanDerveer on May 21, 2023 at 12:15 PM EDT
Updated on May 21, 2023 at 12:19 PM EDT

Everyone seems to be talking about NBA star Ja Morant's recent trouble and giving their opinions, including the strippers at the Denver, Colorado strip club where Morant flashed a gun back in March.

Dancers from Shotgun Willie's who were present when Morant, 23, was waving a gun during an Instagram Live earlier this year have said they never received an apology from the Memphis Grizzlies player. They would like to see him punished for his actions.

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Dancers From Shotgun Willie's Are Talking About Ja Morant's Situation

Shotgun Willie's where Ja Morant partied with a gun on IG Live
Shotgun Willie's - Facebook

After Morant's second Instagram Live incident, where he brandished a gun, strippers at the Denver club called Morant "a boy" when speaking to the New York Post, dancers said he clearly hasn't learned from his mistakes and that they also never got an apology from him for terrorizing them.

"I don't foresee an apology [anytime] soon," one of the dancers told the Post.

Several dancers at the club where Morant went on a two-night binge earlier this year had something to say about his behavior when he visited the strip joint and what they feel his punishment should be.

"He's begging for attention and trying to be a baller," one dancer said. "He should be banned from all clubs and get his NBA career taken away given our country's current circumstances on gun violence."

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Another dancer added, "I wonder how he's still on the team."

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Ja Morant Has Had A String Of Controversies

Jalen Rose interviews Ja Morant
NBA on ESPN - YouTube

Anyone following along knows these two IG Live incidents aren't the NBA star's first bout with trouble. He's had a string of controversies in the recent past.

A fight with a teenager at his home during a pickup game last summer had Morant showing a gun.

There was also an incident with the Indiana Pacers. During the alleged incident, a red laser was pointed at Pacers players from Morant's SUV. The Pacers believed it was a gun being pointed at them.

Plus, a few other incidents led Morant to his current troubles.

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Ja Morant Nike Billboard
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After the March IG Live gun incident, Morant was suspended for eight games and attended a two-week counseling program in Florida to help manage his stress better. He apologized openly for all he's done and promised to "be more responsible" moving forward.

"I went [to Florida] to counseling to learn how to manage stress," he said. "Positively cope with stress, instead of ways I've tried to deal with it before that caused me to make mistakes."

Morant issued a public apology after last week's IG Live gun incident.

"I know I've disappointed many people who have supported me. This is a journey, and I recognize there is more work to do," he said. "My words may not mean much right now, but I take full accountability for my actions. I'm committed to continuing to work on myself."

Adam Silver talks about Ja Morant's issues
NBA On ESPN - Instagram
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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke out about this recent incident with Morant and what happened after the last gun incident.

"Well, we talked directly about the consequences first before we got to a subsequent potential to have done something wrong. We were very focused on the misconduct in front of us then. Frankly, most of our conversation was about how severe the first incident was of waving a firearm on social media," Silver said.

"And again, the consequences there, an eight-game suspension, was pretty serious and something that he, at least to me, seemed to take incredibly seriously in that time."

Ja Morant
Malika Andrews ESPN - YouTube
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Silver also spoke about his concern for the children who look up to Morant and the impact and effect this type of thing could have on them.

"My concern and I thought he shared with me, that millions, if not tens of millions of kids globally would see him as having done something that was celebrated in a way. The act of using a firearm in that fashion," he continued.

"I, at least, was left with the sense that he was taking this incredibly seriously. Honestly, I was shocked when I saw that video this weekend. Now, we're in the process of investigating it."

Silver said that while they are investigating the incident, he's "assuming the worst."

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