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'Selling Sunset's Chelsea Lazkani Gives Revealing Answer About Her Relationship Status With Castmates

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By Taylor Hodgkins on May 21, 2023 at 11:30 AM EDT

The sixth season of "Selling Sunset" was released on Friday, and the women of The Oppenheim Group undoubtedly have tea to spill!

[Spoilers from season six are ahead!]

Receipts are already being posted, catfights are happening, friendship statuses are seemingly in flux immediately, and reactions to the drama are slowly pouring in from the cast on their social media accounts.

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Chelsea Lazkani at Selling Sunset office
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Chelsea Lazkani took to her Instagram stories to subtly reveal how she feels about certain co-workers after cameras have stopped rolling; read on to find out Lazkani's response!

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Are The Gals Of 'Selling Sunset' Getting Clique-y With It?

The Blast has been keeping tabs on the "Selling Sunset" gals during Netflix's luxury reality series' off-season, and we were wondering whether Lazkani had stealthily hinted at drama on set via a TikTok she posted in March.

Lazkani's followers could tell from the get-go her relationship statuses with her co-workers Chrishell Stuase and Emma Hernan were solid through her TikTok. However, now that the 11 episodes have dropped, "Selling Sunset" fans can tell there may be some hard feelings between Lazkani and one of The Oppenheim Group's newest agents, Bre Tiesi.

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How Do 'The O Girls' Feel About Tiesi So Far?

Bre Tiesi and Chelsea Lazkani show off their risqu sexy style while filming Selling Sunset on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood

Before season six's premiere, cast members revealed easter eggs about Tiesi's relationships with the cast in the press.

Jason Oppenheim discussed how Tiesi's presence in the office had been a point of contention during filming. In an interview with People, he revealed Tiesi and an unnamed cast member had been at odds, and the group had been "in repair mode."

Oppenheim told the publication, "Most of the women have warmed up to her. Not everyone," he adds. "A lot is going on right now on the drama front, So we're in repair mode. We're trying to fix things because a lot is going on."

Stause was anything but tight-lipped last fall when she spoke about the relationships between the women of "Selling Sunset."

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Stause took to her Instagram stories to deliver a strongly worded message to an unnamed castmate! The "Under Construction" author wrote, "Screenshots have been archived for now. OF COURSE, you have a non-issue with me now- not before you have a camera crew around you..." She would later add, "If you want camera time- JUST SAY THAT. I would have helped you get the right angle... [shrug emoji]" (per The Blast)

Chrishell Stause sizzles in black thigh high boot outfit in her return back to the USA to film for Selling Sunset after long vacation away for holidays with girlfriend in Australia
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In Stause's most recent Instagram post, she wrote, "This post goes out to those who love facts ?" in the caption. The second slide features a screenshot of a text exchange, presumably between Stause and new agent Nicole Young; it is revealed in an early episode the duo was at odds with one another.

Lazkani Reveals More Details About Her Friendship Statuses With Her Castmates

The women of "Selling Sunset" have all taken to their respective Instagrams to commemorate season six's release. Lazkani, whose on-screen discontent with Tiesi is evident from the beginning, took time to do a question-and-answer session with her followers.

A follower asked Lazkani, "Are you cool with all the girls on the show presently," in the six-second clip, Lazkani answered, "I'm cool with most of the girls, and I'd say with some of them. I'm just more amicable, I guess."

Lazkani did not name any specific cast members in her answer.

Viewers can determine whether she refers to Tiesi in the 11 episodes of season six, now available on Netflix!

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