Blac Chyna’s Company, Lashed, Suspended by State While Kylie Jenner Launches Eyelash Empire

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By TheBlast Staff on December 13, 2018 at 7:52 PM EST

Blac Chyna's cosmetics company, Lashed, has been suspended by the State of California for over a month as Kylie Jenner is ramping up to launch her own line of eyelash products.

The Blast can confirm Lashed, LLC was suspended by the Franchise Tax Board on November 1, 2018. While a California-based business can be suspended by either the Secretary of State's office or the FTB for a handful of different reasons, a spokesperson for the tax board tells us they suspended Lashed for its "failure to file a tax return."

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A company loses the right to conduct business when it is suspended by the FTB, the California tax agency that's responsible for collecting and enforcing personal and corporate income taxes. On top of being unable to legally run a company, suspended entities such as Lashed can't sue or defend themselves in court, file a claim for refund, legally close or dissolve the business.

According to the FTB, suspended companies are also subject to a $2,000 penalty. All of these repercussions come after failing to respond to over two months-worth of notices.

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Since Rob Kardashian's baby mama launched the LLC in late 2014, Lashed has hawked a variety of cosmetics — including eyelashes and lipsticks — both online at and through a brick-and-mortar store that provided beauty services, including eyelash extensions, waxing, teeth whitening. among others.

The suspension does not seem to have had much of an effect on Chyna's business operations because Lashed customers are still able to make purchases online. There are also a number of shipping/customer service complaints made on social media from dissatisfied customers.

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Chyna's physical store, however, is another story. The Encino, California-based location on Ventura Boulevard is practically deserted and, aside from some salon chairs and a computer, there does not appear to be a single beauty product on display inside the beauty shop.

The Blast spoke with a nearby store owner who says Chyna has not opened the doors to Lashed in months. Factoring in some other eyebrow-raising issues — including a disconnected phone number, disabled appointments page, and the fact it is marked as "closed" on Yelp — all signs (aside from the actual sign) point to closed.

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Blac Chyna Lashed Interior

The neighboring shop owner says Chyna has appeared sporadically for tapings and special events here and there. Several months ago, it seemed Chyna was gearing up to get back to business and even held a grand re-opening party in September.

The purpose of the re-opening was "to inform all of LA ... that LASHED is open for business, accepting new clients and has an upcoming promotional program in place for our loyal customers,” according to information posted on the event page.

However, the owner says they haven't seen her come back since.

Unfortunately for Chyna, her business issues come at a complicated time.

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As The Blast first reported, Chyna's nemesis, Kylie Jenner, is expanding her makeup empire and venturing into the eyelash game. Jenner filed to trademark the term “KYLASH,” for the purposes of artificial eyelashes, eyelash tint, etc. And if history is any indication, Kylashes will be massively successful – thanks to Kylie Cosmetics, Jenner is on track to become the youngest self-made billionaire of all time.

Aside from the various legal consequences, Blac Chyna also faces the disappearance of the Lashed brand entirely, because business entities also lose the right to use their name, meaning anyone in the state is free to try and swoop in and take ownership of the Lashed name.

A legal representative for Blac Chyna was unreachable for comment.

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