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Christine McGuinness Recounts Being Filmed In Her Shower: 'There Is No Privacy In the World'

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By Afouda Bamidele on May 21, 2023 at 6:00 AM EDT

Christine McGuinness's mood was altered after discovering she was filmed naked through the windows while showering.

The English model shared the details of the unpleasant and shocking incident with her 710k followers on Thursday from inside her vehicle. Her rant comes amid her receiving acclaim for helping others understand the dimensions of autism through her BBC documentary, "Christine McGuinness: Unmasking My Autism."

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Christine McGuinness ranted About A Stranger Snooping On Her As She Showered In A New Post.

Although McGuinness appeared cherry when she posed in front of the camera to update her fans on her life, she became visibly agitated when the time to address the issue of an unknown entity spying on her as she showered came.

The reality star started her video by explaining that she was back from her Spanish family holiday and was considering making her hair lighter. Once she was done stating her hair plans, she recalled:

"So, this morning, I was in the shower. I've had Zooms this morning, so I needed to get ready and look fresh. My blinds wouldn't go all the way down in the bathroom. I don't know what the cat's been doing whilst I've been away!"

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"Anyway, I thought, "It's okay because I live on a private road, so I'll just have a quick shower," the mother-of-three continued. She then revealed that she saw a car drive past "with this big f**king crane on top, with a camera on it" similar to "Google Earth or something" while she had her "white bits out!"

The bewildered "The Real Housewives Of Cheshire" alum queried, "Surely, they should give you some kind of notice before they start filming outside your house?" She finished by claiming that the car "went up and down" her road five times, saying as she shook her head, "There's no privacy in the world."

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When McGuinness is not worrying about who is seeing her "white bits" without consent, she is flaunting her hot body online. For example, The Blast reported that the 35-year-old showcased her well-toned abs in a barely-there two-piece bikini that struggled to contain her busty assets in an Instagram video a few days ago. 

For the moment, the former beauty Queen lay on a pool lounge chair and moved the camera above her body to give viewers a better look at the pink number. Despite the sultry setting of the clip, the "The Real Full Monty" contestant indicated at its top left corner that it was an ad for her clothing brand, We Are H-E-R and tagged their official Instagram page.

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The 'Christine McGuinness: A Beautiful Nightmare' Author Was Lauded For Her Autism Awareness

Christine McGuinness Worries About Her Kids' Adult Life And Coping With Autism
Instagram | Christine McGuinness

"The Games" contestant earned even more respect and love from her fanbase after the release of her previously mentioned documentary. Per The Blast, she received messages from people whose lives had been positively impacted by the program, including this one that she shared on her Instagram Story that read:

"I'm at the hospital with my daughter & I have just overheard a conversation regarding a young girl suffering from Anorexia who has been admitted and the parents are asking about exploring an autism diagnosis off the back of your truly wonderful documentary."

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The sender claimed that doctors at the hospital had admitted that her documentary had brought more awareness "to the subject." A second DM screenshot contained an appreciation for McGuinness, who had likely saved their 15-year-old daughter's life. After mentioning the "lightbulb moment" that the program brought her family "in a long period of complete darkness," they continued:

"Your courage, honesty and all your contributors' narrative enlightened us, as clear as if our daughter was lifting her mask away and explaining her inner self. Her teenage years have been horrific with bullying, trauma, SH, and isolation, and no professional help has been able to reach her properly."

Yet another DM informed the "Who Wants to be A Millionaire?" guest that their "daughter got help after your documentary." A fourth profusely appreciated her for saving their preteen daughter's life with the show, writing:

"We have now got [an] appointment with caudwell for [an] appointment for [an] autism assessment."

The "All Star Mr & Mrs" contestant then posted a video expressing her desire to take a little hiatus from social media to regroup. Despite that, McGuinness was glad to have impacted many people with her documentary.

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