Russell Simmons Embraces #MeToo in Filing to Get Rape Case Dismissed

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By TheBlast Staff on December 20, 2018 at 3:47 AM EST

Russell Simmons is firing back at the Jane Doe suing him over an alleged rape and including "#MeToo" in his defense to have the case dismissed.

On December 20, the music mogul filed his response to Jane Doe’s lawsuit accusing him of rape back in 1988.

Simmons explains he is a well-known entrepreneur and civil rights activist who "fully embraces the #MeToo movement" and the "critical importance of creating safe spaces for women to thrive and lead in every facet of our society."

He claims that “with every great revolution there has been collateral damage. In this movement, this includes Mr. Simmons’ well-publicized life as a celebrity bachelor being the target of outrageous false tabloid-fodder allegations contradicted by facts and the law.”

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Simmons calls the lawsuit nothing more than false and salacious fiction that was nothing more than a calculated scheme by Jane Doe to tell a lie so big and so scandalous that it would attract news coverage in the hopes he would pay to make the story disappear.

The former Def Jam head explains he came from humble beginnings and promotes a variety of social causes, from Veganism and animal rights to "inter-ethnic understanding to racial justice," economic justice and world peace.

Simmons denies all allegations of wrongdoing and is demanding the entire case be thrown out once and for all.

Earlier this month, a Los Angeles judge allowed the lawsuit against Simmons to continue, despite the mogul’s attempts to have the rape case dismissed.

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A rep for Simmons told The Blast, “These allegations are made up of whole cloth. This ruling simply allows her to file her complaint. We will be filing a motion for sanctions against her and her lawyer for bringing such a frivolous suit.”

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