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Lenny Hochstein Claims Lisa Hochstein Is 'Abusing Instacart' In Latest Divorce Debacle

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By Kay on May 18, 2023 at 1:00 PM EDT

Lenny Hochstein claims that his estranged wife, Lisa Hochstein, is financially abusing him by racking up many bills.

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Lisa Hochstein Is Overspending

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The former model’s estranged husband wants a judge to put the mom of two in her place and get her spending under control. He accused Lisa of “bleeding” him dry financially by abusing his Instacart account.

He is asking the judge for an “urgent” petition to have the courts force Lisa to follow the previous support agreements because she is charging thousands of dollars worth on his grocery app in one month.

Lenny and his attorney claim Lisa “has embarked on a course of conduct aimed at ‘bleeding out’ [Lenny] from a financial standpoint.” The plastic surgeon claims Lisa has “charged more than $10,000 to [Lenny’s account].”

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He shared in the court documents that Lisa spent $4,000 in just over a week, and he is sick of it. Lenny believes that Lisa’s grocery shopping “constitutes marital waste,” and he asks the courts to slap her on the wrist.

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Lenny Hochstein Cut Off Lisa’s Access

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In their true fashion of going tit for tat, Lisa filed her paperwork the following day claiming that Lenny had “turned off” her access to Instacart, Uber, and Uber Eats. In her documents, she claims that the move was a “violation” of a previous order.

She also claims that Lenny has violated other parts of the agreement. He has been making “unannounced visits” to their Miami Star Island marital home. This is Lisa’s primary residence, and his showing up makes her feel “threatened.”

Lisa gave an example of one incident where Lenny and his mom Marina showed up unannounced, called the mom of two a “felon” in front of her kids, and “berated” her. Lenny also allegedly told the kids that Lisa “would soon be going to jail” and that they “would soon be having a better mother.”

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Keep in mind Lenny is now dating model Katharina Mazepa. Is this the “new mom” he is referring to?

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The Latest In A List Of Debacles

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The estranged couple constantly goes back and forth and uses the court system. They are in the thick of their divorce, and one of the big-ticket items is the couple’s home.

In the initial prenuptial agreement, Lisa was supposed to vacate the home, but now that she has two kids to take care of, Lenny couldn’t very well kick her out, and that’s not for lack of trying. Lisa wants the prenup overturned for apparent reasons.

Lenny is fighting like hell to keep the initial prenup in place, it may be a long shot, seeing as this was pre-kids, and now the couple has been married for over ten years. There is a hearing scheduled for May 22, but at this point, the couple is in the courthouse weekly.

The last time they had a court hearing, Lenny was told to pay Lisa $8,000 a month in temporary support and a large sum of her legal fees.

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