Chelsea Handler Slams Rep. George Santos, Demands His Resignation

Chelsea Handler Rips Into George Santos Amid Legal Troubles

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By Afouda Bamidele on May 15, 2023 at 1:00 AM EDT

Chelsea Handler is taking no prisoner regarding Rep. George Santos amid his legal troubles.

This week she started on a horrid note for Santos, who got hit with a series of federal charges, including money laundering, wire fraud, and theft of public money. As expected, Handler, one of his most prominent critics, was on-hand to mock him with a new social media update shared with her five million followers.

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Chelsea Handler Cannot Keep Track Of Rep. George Santos' Many Aliases In Her Latest Dragging Clip.

For anybody who is in doubt, Handler's latest Instagram clip is a clear indicator that she is not a fan of Santos. Donning a graphic black T-shirt, the comic star sat in front of her camera and pretended to wrap up a phone call before explaining:

"I just got off the phone with the bail bondsman because I heard from a little birdie, the DOJ, that our girl, George Santos, has just been charged with [a] 13-count federal indictment. A 13 count!"

"Republicans must be so confused. On the one hand, they're sad because one of their own might go to prison. But, on the other hand, they're just happy to see a drag queen suffer," the former "Chelsea Lately!" host quipped.

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She then disclosed that the lawmaker, who has used various monikers and aliases over the years, had to surrender his passport to authorities, which translated to him likely skipping next year's edition of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Later, Handler played a clip of Santos claiming that his ongoing criminal case was a "witch hunt." In response, the 2009 Bravo A-List Award recipient stated, as cutouts from publications of Donald Trump supporters using the same line appeared above her head:

"It's like if there was an AI program for Republican criminals called ChatGOP. No, the reality is, you're a criminal, so slide into some kitten heels because we're just getting started."

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She then shared her anticipation for the congressman's trial or, as she intends to call it, "drag queen story hour," concluding, "Bye, girl. Or is it Adios? I can't keep track of what alias you're using these days. Byeee."

"😂😂😂😂.girl. You could not have wrapped this up better," one fan gushed in the comment section. A second person wrote, "That's it!! Al is running the Republican party. I should have seen it the whole time," and a third type, "Every. Single. One. It is solid gold. @chelseahandler, you don't miss."

A fourth viewer commented, "I loved the number of puns! Shirt included :)," referring to the words "child-free and crushing it" scribbled on the Ally for Equality Award winner. A fifth Instagram user added, "They f**ked up when they started messing with you #keeproastingthem."

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Rep. George Santos at the 118th Congress convenes at the US Capitol
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The world had gone agog following The Blast's report that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Justice Department were investigating allegations that Santos falsified parts of his campaign finance filings. The occurrence was so severe that the 34-year-old politician was expected to appear in court as early as Wednesday, May 10.

Although he has since pleaded not guilty to the charges, it is worth noting that Santos' political career has been riddled with allegations of corrupt practices, like orchestrating a credit card fraud scheme, breaking campaign finance laws, and lying about where he schooled and worked.

The 'Uganda Be Kidding Me' Author Called For The Brazilian Native's Resignation

Handler initially called for the resignation of the New York Eastern District representative in a video that The Blast observed began with her seemingly reading a copy of her 2011 book, "Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me." She promptly closed the book, as she stated:

"I'm here to talk about another notorious liar, George Santos. It turns out lying isn't the only thing George and I have in common. I also got my start in pageants."

As her rant progressed, the producer revealed that there was more to Santos than him being "a half-Black Jewish gay college volleyball star whose mother died in 9/11." For starters, he had allegedly spent three moonlighting as a drag queen, which he dismissed as being "young" and living it up at a festival.

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Conclusively, the People's Choice awardee wanted viewers to kick "George Santos or Anthony Devolder or Vicky Christina Barcelona or whatever the f**k name he's going by now" out of office ASAP.

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