Man Steals Cell Phones, Drivers Licenses, & More At Disney Springs

Man Arrested For Stealing Personal Possessions At Disney Springs

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on May 12, 2023 at 4:15 PM EDT

A Florida man was arrested following an alleged massive stealing spree that included taking cell phones, driver's licenses, and more from Disney Springs, the shopping and dining district at Walt Disney World Resort

Marcus Casida, 43, was charged with having burglary tools and theft. He had two prior convictions, both of which were third-degree felonies.

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Police Release Arrest Report

Man Arrested At Disney World After Getting Drunk And Yelling At Children

According to the Orange County Sheriff's arrest report, which was recently released, Marcus Casida had multiple cell phones, driver's licenses, and other sensitive personal records, as well as a set of metal lock picking tools, in his possession, per WDWNT.

The Orlando local was caught on February 17, 2023, by a loss prevention officer, who noticed Casida taking clothes from the Uniqlo store and placing them in a Uniqlo mesh shopping bag. He then took the elevator inside the store and hid the clothes in his backpack, per the arrest report, which was just released.

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The clothes Casida placed inside his backpack included a pair of tan pants, green socks, a couple of blue boxers and a pair of black boxers, multiple shirts including a black design shirt, a regular black tee shirt, a white design tee shirt, and a blue tee shirt, as well as a pair of black shorts, a pair of gray sweatpants, and green tank top.

Casida then left the store without paying for the clothes, which, in total, were valued at $323.

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More Items Found Inside The Backpack

Man Arrested At Disney World After Getting Drunk And Yelling At Children

Authorities stopped Casida and searched his backpack, which is when they found even more items, including four Florida driver's licenses, all of which belonged to other people, a credit card to a fifth individual, and Social Security paperwork for a sixth person.

There were also four different cell phones as well as a lock-picking set.

The arrest report also noted that Casida had a Nextbase dash camera, GoPro camera, and Mulligan Rangefinder, typically used for golfing, inside his backpack.

"Marcus was carrying a Disney 'Coco' guitar still in the box and a Disney Book, which was determined to be stolen from the World of Disney Store," the arrest report continued to state. "Disney declined to prosecute, and their stuff was returned to them."

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Items that Casida was wearing were also determined to be stolen, including a black leather Harley-Davidson hat.

Casida has a lengthy criminal history and is homeless. He was trespassed from Walt Disney World property and taken to jail.

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Other Disney Springs Incidents

World of Disney at Disney Springs

Last month, The Blast reported on a Florida local arrested at Disney Springs after making "derogatory comments" towards Disney Cast Members, yelling at children, and then threatening Orange County sheriff's deputies.

Disney wanted Edward Stephenson, 30, of Brandon, Florida, trespassed from Disney World, meaning he would have been banned from the property and not allowed to return. Stephenson pleaded not guilty to trespass, according to Orange Circuit Court records.

The arrest report said he was "belligerent and cursing at/in front of children." He made inappropriate comments toward juveniles at the Once Upon a Toy shop. Disney security got involved and asked Stephenson to leave the premise, but that is when the 30-year-old made "derogatory comments" toward the workers, per the police report.

"It took three deputies to place his arms behind his back and secure him," the Orange County Sheriff's arrest report said. "Once secured, he continued to tell deputies he would sue deputies. Mr. Stephenson also advised he was a Registered Nurse and told deputies we better hope he is never our nurse in an Emergency Room."

Stephenson was eventually arrested and taken to Orange County jail.

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