Christine McGuinness pictured while leaving the National Television Awards in London

Fans Draw Inspiration From Christine McGuinness As HER Swimwear Collection Drops

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By Afouda Bamidele on May 10, 2023 at 3:30 AM EDT

Christine McGuinness' new launch has set her up to become a role model to her fans!

The model, known for advocating for autism awareness, has dedicated her time and efforts to her recently launched clothing brand, "We Are Her," which she co-founded with a friend. After sharing a video during her stay in Ibiza to promote the unique designs, fans had much to say.  

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Christine McGuinness Launches Swimwear Collection, Inspiring Fans Everywhere

Using her enviable physique, the buxom blonde flaunted her brand's new designs on her Instagram page. The video, set to Green Neon DJ's Tik Tok Remix to the song "Ice Cream Man Cause I'm A Woman I'm A Very F**king Brave Strong Woman," saw the entrepreneur sashaying her hips in a flimsy pink and yellow bikini set with a matching sarong. 

The next scene showed her wearing a mini black cover dress over her swimsuit before flaunting her abs in a green halter neck set. The footage also consisted of her wearing a pink stretchy jumpsuit, short backless crochet dresses of several colors, and a stylish blue swimsuit paired with a straw hat.

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Alongside the post, she wrote in the caption, "BTS ? Building H-E-R @weare___her Summer - part 1 ??? #OwnBrand." Her strength blew away fans of the former beauty queen who took to the comments to express their awe for her, like this user who gushed, "Can't think of any other word but ???! ??☀️.”

One netizen noted their respect for her and thanked her for "breaking the stereotypes and showing a different representation of an Autistic person." A third called her a wonderful lady and lauded her for doing brilliant things for the autistic community before sharing:

"I'm autistic myself, and seeing a person as yourself talk freely about your autism really touches me. Keep doing what you're doing ??❤️??❤️." 

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A fourth user expressed admiration for the television personality's bravery in being herself despite being an autistic young person and for promoting the message that it is okay to be different, adding, "Keep pushing the stereotypes Christine & chasing sunsets as I do too, change is on its way, and we are all on the journey with you. xx."

Even though the reality TV star was in Ibiza for business, she turned it into a much-needed vacation and teased her business with racy pictures. In the first slide, the 35-year-old captured the beautiful sunset before posing braless in an open white shirt, enjoying pizza by the pool in the next. 

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Another picture showed her flaunting her toned midriff in a white crop top and matching trousers on a balcony before sharing a mirror selfie of herself in black bikini bottoms and an open white shirt. McGuinness later posted a photo of herself and her friend and co-founder embracing in a small booth.

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Christine McGuinness smiling while on vacation
Instagram | Christine McGuinness

The caption read, "Imagine ✨? 4 weeks after launching a new business with your bestie, you fly to Ibiza for three nights on a shoot ?." She explained further, "We're just 2 ASD mamas winging this dream to create one brand created for women, by women @weare___her ??❤️."

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'The Real Housewives Of Cheshire' Alum's Autism Documentary Strikes A Chord With Fans

The mother-of-three gained praise from fans for her documentary on autism, as her direct experience with autism resonated with many, as she was only diagnosed in 2021 at the age of 33. After the release of "Christine McGuinness: Unmasking My Autism," The Blast observed that she shared her feedback on her Instagram story.

It began with a screenshot of a parent's comment stating that they overheard a conversation about exploring an autism diagnosis for their daughter after watching McGuinness' documentary, even though she was initially admitted for anorexia.

In another post, the "Loose Women" guest star shared a touching message from a netizen who contacted her directly. The statement expressed gratitude to her for potentially saving their daughter's life, stating:

"Your courage, honesty and all your contributors' narrative enlightened us, as clear as if our daughter was lifting her mask away and explaining her inner self." 

The third update featured a collage of texts, including one from a fan whose 34-year-old sibling died of suicide in January and was believed to be undiagnosed but autistic. Another informed her that their daughter sought help after watching her documentary.

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