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Britney Spears Fans Allege They Found PROOF Of A Conspiracy

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By Kristin Myers on May 3, 2023 at 9:30 AM EDT

On Tuesday night, Britney Spears took to Instagram to share a close-up photo of her chest in a lacy black bra.

In the caption, she wrote, "If I clapped my t*ts could I make one POP like a balloon ? on Thursday ??? TICK TOCK TICK TOCK !!! I salute all b*tches today NOT with just my middle finger ??… but my chest too !!!! How do you spell chest … is it chess or chest ???"

While some fans think that the 41-year-old pop star is trying to speak in code, other fans think that the strange captions and repetitive posts are "proof" of a conspiracy theory that Britney is currently locked up or dead. Although Britney herself has tried to assure fans that she is "alive and well," at least one fan claims they have proof that things are not all right in Britney's world.

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Fans Say Britney Spears Has Been Replaced By An Imposter... And They Think They've Found PROOF!

Only one day ago, TikTok user Cat Valles put together a video showing that Britney may not be who she claims to be. “This is not Britney,” Cat says in the video. “A lot of people have been seeing that somebody is… this is not Britney. Someone has been using a filter to look like her and I’m about to prove it.”

After Britney’s hands go above her face, when she lowers her hands, the eyes are noticeably different. It could just be a glitch in the make-up filter since it’s only for one frame, as Cat admits, but Cat believes that it is a “blue-eyed person” using a filter to look like Britney.

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“Ain’t no denying that. This isn’t Britney. It hasn’t been Britney,” Cat concludes at the end of the video and many fans agreed. “You can see the nose filter on her hands too,” one user alleged. “Good catch!!!” another follower wrote. “That’s the shadow from her hands you weirdos,” another user chimed in.

“That is the most solid evidence that this is not Britney,” another follower commented. “This is scary!!!” another fan exclaimed. “Out of all of the evidence, this is the best. Well done,” another follower shared. “This is the most convincing video I’ve seen,” another fan agreed.

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Not Everyone Believes That The Video Is ‘Proof’ Of A Body Double

“I think it’s a filter she put on herself that’s glitching. Not everything is a huge conspiracy,” one user chimed in. “Can I ask you a ? If it was a filter, why would it be only on 1 single frame and not the whole video?” Cat asked. Another user replied, “The make-up is the filter; when it glitches, that is her natural face.”

They continued, “And y’all are trippin saying the eyes are blue. They’re very clearly still brown. The filter makes the eyes way darker than natural.” Although fans are still hotly debating whether it really is or is not Britney, this isn’t the only video alleging that something is off with that Britney video.

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Another user took Cat’s video and slowed it down, pausing it at the exact moment when the filter seems to change. “I just wanted to post screenshots of the AI filter coming off so people could see for a bit longer just HOW INSANE THIS IS,” says voice and text in the video.

“I believe Britney is either dead or captive. Can’t convince me otherwise,” one fan commented. “Omg this is insane. I’ve seen the theories but this is 100% AI,” another follower agreed. The creator of the video commented, “There’s a ton of very obvious glitches though. Luckily, this is very drastic so more people can wake TF up.”

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Other viewers are alleging that the body double is actually none other than her estranged sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. “THAT’S JAMIE!!! You can’t tell me nothing else,” one user commented. The video creator commented, “Jamie also has hooded eyes, so that is something I believe is a possibility.”

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“Jamie’s body doesn’t look like that though,” another follower shared. “JL has brown eyes, y’all. It’s probs Vicky T – who has blue eyes and the face shape (forehead),” another user alleged, referring to Britney’s longtime assistant.

While some remain unconvinced by the filter, others are sure that this is definitive "proof" that, despite being freed from her controversial conservatorship in November 2021, Britney is still not okay.

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