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Britney Spears Reveals She Spends THOUSANDS On Clothes For Her Dogs

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By Kristin Myers on May 1, 2023 at 9:30 AM EDT
Updated on May 1, 2023 at 8:49 PM EDT

Singer Britney Spears would definitely describe herself as an animal lover!

The 41-year-old pop star has at least one cat named Polly. In a previous Instagram post, she wrote, “My cat is French and very peculiar.” She then added, “She’s extremely smart and looks like a miniature cheetah!!!!”

She revealed that information in an Instagram post that also announced that she got a new dog named Sawyer, writing, “He's a white Australian shepherd with blue eyes !!!!! I found him in Maui like a dream and took him home with me immediately.”

However, fans may not know that she has two more dogs - Sara Beth and Daisy - as they both have not made an appearance on her social media pages for a long time! Until Sunday night, when Britney opened up a little bit more about her two pet pooches.

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Britney Spears Shares A Rare Video Dancing With ‘Baby Daisy’

On Sunday night, the “Hold Me Closer” singer took to Instagram to show her dancing in a white long-sleeve dress and her signature white pointed boots, which have been making an appearance in more and more of her videos. At one point, she grabs one of her dogs and pushes the pet pooch up and away from her body several times.

In the caption, Britney said that her dogs are "spoiled" and have more clothes than she does. She said that "Sara Beth" is at her show, which might have confused some fans, as she has not talked about Sara Beth in a while. However, a Facebook post from June 15, 2015, shows “Princess Sara Beth” wearing a tutu in bed.

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Britney Spears' dog Sara Beth
Facebook | Britney Spears
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"Sara Beth is at her show at the moment … my dogs have more clothes than I do !!! spoiled ? !!!" she wrote in the caption. "I bought a miniature Louis V doggie backpack for Sara so when she does her shows she has her mineral tube with her … 1200 dollars for that little baby … then linen suspenders … I swear to god I was shocked when I saw it too !!!"

It seems that Britney might spend more money on clothes for her dogs than she does for herself! "White suspenders and khaki mini shorts for her booty … That was 2000 for a piece of cloth ???," she went on. "Daisy needs grooming twice a week but she got dirty yesterday … Pssss I had to dance in my boots ???."

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Britney Spears poses with Daisy
Facebook | Britney Spears
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It appears that Britney might actually be holding Daisy in her latest Instagram video on Sunday night. On September 7, 2016, she shared a selfie that featured her making a face at the camera while holding a little white dog in her arms. She captioned the photo, “My baby Daisy.”

Unfortunately, Britney has not actually shared her dogs in many of her latest Instagram videos. She was excited to share photos of Sawyer when she got him last year, but as he has gotten bigger, he has made less and less of an appearance on her social media accounts.

How Many Animals Does Britney Have?

Per Celebrity Pets (via Newsweek), the “Slumber Party” singer adopted a Yorkshire Terrier Hannah in November 2012 and a Maltese dog called Lacey Loo in January 2013. Over the years, Britney has also raised a chihuahua named Bit Bit and Lucky and a Yorkshire terrier London.

In October 2021, husband Sam Asghari revealed that they also welcomed a Doberman named Porscha in an Instagram video. “Surprised my fiancé with our newest member to the Family,” he wrote in the caption at the time. The two tied the knot in the backyard of her Thousand Oaks estate in June 2022.

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However, being pet parents hasn’t been easy for the couple. In February 2023, TMZ was the first to report that Porscha, the Doberman, escaped from the couple’s property and started roaming around the neighborhood. She encountered an elderly man, around 70 years old, who was out riding his bike, and bit him in the leg before Britney’s security team could track the dog down.

The man went to local urgent care, but it’s unclear how severe the bite was. Britney’s team told the outlet that it was more of a “nip” than a bite, but the couple was reportedly contacted by animal control after the incident to make sure that the couple’s dogs stay on their property and don’t get out again.

Although TMZ reported that only Porscha got out and bit the man, it seems that Sawyer also ran off in an Instagram post shared shortly after the incident.

Sam thanked Dog Days Search and Rescue “for finding our babies than ran like Forrest Gump down the road yesterday,” adding, “They’re are truly the best. I’ve been looking for a local rescue team to team up with for such a long time. They are a [non-profit] organization that truly helps. Attached in my bio is a link for donation to this amazing team.”

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