Selma Blair at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening Gala in Los Angeles

Selma Blair Pens Heartfelt Letter To Her Younger Self: 'Trade Your Fear For Hope'

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By Favour Adegoke on April 30, 2023 at 11:30 PM EDT

Hollywood actress Selma Blair penned an emotional letter to her younger self, sharing encouraging advice on her many challenges.

Blair, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018, recently discussed her public use of a cane to aid her mobility due to her MS diagnosis.

The actress' multiple sclerosis has reportedly gone into remission due to the hematopoietic stem cell transplantation she received in 2019.

Read on for more details.

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Selma Blair's Emotional Letter To Her Younger Self

Selma Blair Attends Second Annual Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles

The "Hellboy" actress wrote a heartfelt letter to her younger self, offering encouragement and wisdom to the person she used to be. The letter featured in People's 2023 Beautiful Issue was a poignant reflection on the challenges and triumphs she has faced throughout her life.

In the letter, Blair, 50, spoke candidly about her struggles with anxiety, telling young Blair to "trade your fear for hope." She revealed that she used to be scared about the future and was afraid of growing up.

Blair wrote, "I know you are scared of growing up. You think you won't know how to do anything successful adults do, but it will be okay. Don't worry your mind about the future so much."

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She continued, "I remember you at this age so well and how this picture right here was taken while REO Speedwagon was playing, and you felt something," referring to a picture that debuted in the publication.

Blair concluded the emotional write-up by saying, "That thing you couldn't put your finger on. It's hope. Trade your fear for hope. Keep reading. Write every day. Please trust yourself. Tell the truth. Observe. Good things will happen. And horrible things. And it will all be part of finding your footing and carrying on. You are worth loving."

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Selma Blair Attempted Suicide

Selma Blair at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening Gala

During her recent appearance on British Vogue, Blair shared that she attempted to end her life at some point when she was living with the effects of her then-undiagnosed MS.

According to the publication, she had made an attempt following a tough year dealing with multiple sclerosis, which caused her great anxiety.

She said, "As an adult, the lassitude and anxiety became terrifying. I made mistakes. I wished me dead. Attempted suicide. A few times. Out of desperation."

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She Struggled With Acting

Vanity Fair Party. 29 Feb 2004 Pictured: Selma Blair.

The "Cruel Intentions" star's state of health forced her to take a break from acting as she struggled to cope with the pain from her multiple sclerosis and did everything in her power to keep it a secret.

Blair claimed that she had to resort to self-medication and would frequently use anti seizures medication to keep calm.

She said, per the Daily Mail, "Sets were excruciating sometimes with the exhaustion and the tics. I took benzos and Klonopin. I didn't abuse those things, just alcohol. But I was lost and sad and could hardly ever smile. Hence my roles, I imagine."

The actress added, "I was worried that a glaring fault would remove me from the workforce since the beginning of time. And usually, it was my incoordination or getting stuck, too weak or sick, in my trailer – or any time."

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According to the news outlet, Blair divulged her health scare on the set of "Hellboy," noting she suffered vomiting, hair loss, and rashes and was diagnosed with cat scratch fever and possible leukemia while working on the movie.

Selma Blair Had Surgery For Her MS

Selma Blair's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Selma Blair

According to the Daily Mail, Blair's MS is said to be subsiding as the disease is in remission following a stem cell transplant she had in 2019.

The "Legally Blonde" actress has since taken it upon herself to spread the message of inclusivity, authoring her memoir, Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up, to tackle the labels she's been branded with.

Blair told Elle that she is now committed to living her best life and is also aware of the impact her visibility has on raising awareness for the disabled community.

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"I didn't imagine I could ever make a difference by showing up as myself and being open about my experiences. But when others with mobility aids rallied around my presence on the red carpet with a cane and amid an MS flare, I noticed. I felt empowered to share... Now it's a conscious choice to," she said.

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