Tisha Campbell-Martin Reverses Course, Does Not Want Duane Martin to Have Custody

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By TheBlast Staff on February 7, 2019 at 3:17 AM EST

Tisha Campbell-Martin tried to do the right thing but now she has had a change of heart and does not want her estranged husband, Duane Martin, to have any custody of their kids.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Campbell-Martin filed a new declaration in the case saying she initially agreed to joint custody because "in the spirit of compromise and love for our sons, I conceded to joint custody rather than allow the Respondent to drag the children into a power struggle."

But now Campbell-Martin says she does not believe Martin "should have joint custody at all."

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Campbell-Martin says she serves as the children's primary caretaker. She claims Martin does nothing for the children, saying, "[Martin] has never shown an active interest unless it was for show or social media. When we were together, the Respondent stayed isolated in his room watching TV for hours, much of the time when the children were there. The Respondent leaves the parenting to his 77-year-old mother. The Respondent’s brother does the custody exchange, school drops, medical appointments, and the occasional trip to the park with the dogs."

As The Blast first reported, Tisha Campbell-Martin recently claimed that Duane Martin was abusive towards her during their marriage. In her new filing, she states that Martin "has not once denied the domestic violence charges against him."

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Martin did file documents in their ongoing battle earlier this week and made vague reference to the abuse allegations but did not respond to them directly.

The two sides are due in court next week.

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